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10 Best VPN For iPhone Free to Ensure Your Security

best vpn for iphone free

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Are you sad about not being able to watch that show on Netflix due to geo-block restrictions?

Don’t be!

Because using a VPN for iOS, you can gain access to everything!

But wait! 

Not all VPNs are safe! 

If you accidentally wander into dangerous grounds while using a VPN with questionable security, your online information can be at risk.

Therefore, if you want to avoid getting yourself into a mess, here are 10 recommendations for the best VPN for an iPhone, free!

So, let’s get started!

10 Best Free VPN for iPhone

Whether you want to access blocked content or keep your information safe, or even if you’re using an insecure Wi-Fi network, we have rounded up 10 of the best VPN for an iPhone for you to have a safe browsing experience.

1. Windscribe 

Windscribe is a free VPN and ad block service based in Canada that offers up to 10GB of data free for a month. 

  • The 10GB data provided by this app is easily equal to 10 hours of streaming, which is more than enough for a month if you’re using it solely for browsing.
  • And even if you do end up using all the free data, Windscribe gives you an extra 5GB if you tweet them.
  • It has servers in almost 63 countries and 110 cities; however, the free service is available in only 10 countries including USA and UK.
  • It has numerous free and paid plans, so even if you’re on a budget, it’ll accommodate you.
  • Using this free VPN app for iPhone, you can easily access BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and HBO GO, but unfortunately, it cannot yet pass the Netflix location blocks.
  • It’s pretty easy to use and can be configured with a single click.
  • The paid version offers unlimited bandwidth and connections.

You can download the Windscribe App from the Apple Store for free and safeguard your privacy online.

2. Proton VPN

Another best free VPN for iPhone is Switzerland-based Proton VPN that provides unlimited bandwidth without spending a penny!

Proton VPN - best vpn for iphone free
  • It is a totally free VPN service that provides ultimate security and privacy.
  • It has 23 free servers in 3 countries including Japan, the Netherlands, and the USA.
  • But, the premium plan has over 1300 servers in almost 61 countries.
  • It has a strict no-log policy whether you get the free plan or the paid ones.
  • It has an ad-block feature that is available only in the premium version.
  • However, all your basic browsing needs can easily be covered with the free version.

So, get Proton VPN from the Apple Store now, for a safe and secure browsing experience, absolutely free!

3. Hotspot Sheild

Hotspot Sheild is one of the most renowned and best VPN for iPhone and PC.

Hotspot Sheild - best vpn for iphone free
  • It offers 500MB of free data per day, which is ample for browsing.
  • However, if your VPN needs exceed browsing and expand into gaming or using YouTube, then you might want to get a paid subscription.
  • It has 1800 servers spread across 80 countries, but the free server is only located in the USA.
  • It has an automatic kill switch, which means that you will remain safe even if your connection fails. 
  • However, it’s not a good option for streaming as you cannot access Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Hotspot Sheild has a dedicated app for iOS and is available for free download on the Apple Store.

4. Tunnel Bear

Talking about the best free VPN for iPhone in 2022, our next recommendation is Tunnel Bear.

 Tunnel Bear - best vpn for iphone free
  • It keeps your online activity private and secure on any network.
  • It offers 500MB of free data every month.
  • And, if you tweet them, they give you 1GB more data for free!
  • Its free plan has servers in 23 countries, including the USA, Japan, and the UK.
  • If you want unlimited data, you can get it via the premium plan through in-app purchases.
  • The premium plans are quite reasonably-priced, so it won’t leave you broke!
  • It has a very responsive customer service, which in my opinion is a huge plus for any service.
  • The best part is that it allows torrenting too, along with HBO GO, YouTube, Facebook, and Google.
  • Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer however, cannot be accessed.

You can get the Tunnel Bear App on the Apple Store for free and avail its independent audited security.

5. Betternet

If you’re looking for a VPN service that supports streaming and gaming along with keeping your browsing secure, you better get Betternet.

Betternet - best vpn for iphone free
  • It offers 500MB for free data per day! That’s quite a good number if you’re using it for streaming websites.
  • The free plan only connects to USA servers, so if you want to access something from other countries like ITV Hub, you’ll have to get the paid plan.
  • It provides top-grade security to keep you safe from all sorts of malware and scams. 
  • The best part is that you can easily install it on your iPhone and get it working with a single tap.
  • Also, if you’d like to try out the premium features, you can get a trial version for a week.

So, for a hassle-free browsing experience, get Betternet from the Apple Store now. It is no doubt the best free VPN for iPhone with no subscription.

6. Surf Easy

As the name suggests, Surf Easy is a free VPN for iOS that enables you to browse in a safe and secure environment. In short, it lets you surf easily!

Surf Easy
  • It provides high-grade security to protect your personal data while browsing.
  • The app automatically selects the best location from 28 countries to direct your traffic through; however, you can change it manually as well.
  • A tracker blocking algorithm blocks the cookies so that you can browse safely without the fear of a security breach.
  • The free version of this app is good, but it has limited features.
  • You can get the premium version at an affordable price of $1.99/month to access all features.

With foolproof security at a reasonable price, you can easily get Surf Easy from the Apple Store for a fast connection with a no-log policy. 

7. Cyber Ghost

Fast, secure, and anonymous? You must be talking about Cyber Ghost, the best VPN for an iPhone.

Cyber Ghost
  • Being one of the top-notch VPN for iOS, this app has 7470 servers in over 90 countries. That almost covers the whole planet!
  • Though it’s not free, it offers a 24-hour trial version so you can check out all its features before swiping that card.
  • It also has a money-back guarantee in case you decide to opt-out of the subscription. 
  • It comes with a kill switch and IP leak protection to keep your data safeguarded until all circumstances.
  • What’s more? It enables access to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, you name it!
  • Also, a single subscription enables you to connect up to 7 devices.

With so many features to blow you away, what are you still waiting for? Get Cyber Ghost from the Apple Store now!

8. Express VPN

If you’re looking for a VPN that has it all, you should definitely give Express VPN a try.

Express VPN
  • It gives you an amazing speed for uninterrupted and smooth streaming.
  • It has 3000 servers around the globe so you can practically access any content that’s blocked due to geographical restrictions.
  • It easily works with almost all major streaming services including Netflix and Hulu.
  • You can connect up to 5 devices with one subscription.
  • This service is, however, not free. But it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, get top-grade security with this top-tier app. Hurry and download Express VPN from the Apple Store.

9. Private VPN

Next up on our list is one of the best VPN for an iPhone and the most trusted one too: Private VPN.

Private VPN
  • It’s not free, but it offers a 7-day trial version and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has more than 200 servers spread across 60 countries.
  • It has dedicated servers for Netflix and Hulu, so you can enjoy streaming at lightning speeds.
  • It provides military-grade security that keeps you protected from malware, hackers, or anyone trying to gain unauthorized access to your device.
  • One subscription can work with 6 connections.
  • Also, you can use this app for torrenting.

Get Private VPN from the Apple Store for a secure connection and anonymity.

10. Touch VPN

Our last recommendation today for the best free VPN for iPhone is Touch VPN.

Touch VPN
  • This app is available for free and fits the basic criteria of providing protection and blocking ads.
  • It has 5900 servers in 90 countries. How good is that?
  • It enables uninterrupted streaming with its fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth.
  • It provides bank-level security even if you’re connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.
  • It works by changing your IP so that your internet activities remain private and safe from anyone who is snooping around.
  • The free version has limited features; however, you can access full features by getting a premium subscription.

You can download Touch VPN from the Apple Store for free and a secure connection is just a tap away!

Summing Up

Keeping your personal information safe has become quite essential given the rising amount of security breach issues. Therefore, getting a VPN is the best option to avoid this.

We have mentioned 10 of the best free VPN for iPhone to keep your data and device safe and protected from hackers. Moreover, these apps can also come in handy if you can’t access content due to geoblock restrictions.

No matter what the reason, these free VPN for iPhone will provide smooth streaming and foolproof protection for a seamless browsing experience.

So, gear up and get streaming!

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