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10 Weird Accessories For an iPhone

10 Weird Accessories of iPhone

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If you think that a sweatshirt for your smartphone is ridiculous, get ready to be blown away by the 10 weird accessories of an iPhone that are coming your way in this article! 

While we are more inclined towards getting trendy add-ons for our iPhones, sometimes investing in unique and funny accessories just to get a kick out of it is worth it.

Are you ready to be amused? 

List of 10 Weird iPhone Accessories

Here’s a list of 10 iPhone accessories so bizarre, they’ll have you question your very existence! 

Jokes apart, let’s have a look at some outlandish creations, just for fun!

1. Banana Handset

Banana handset for the iPhone

Are you tired of holding the squarish iPhone while on a call? You could always switch to handsfree; but, why follow the crowd when you can get the closest thing to a traditional landline handset, but in the shape of a banana? 

Presenting to you the “Banana Handset!” 

While the handset feature gives it some utility, we’re not sure why someone would want to fool people into thinking they’re speaking into a banana. However, if you want to acquire one for a laugh, they are reasonably priced and available on Amazon.

2. Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

Anti-loneliness ramen bowl that holds your phone and lets you enjoy your noodles at the same time 

This one is for all the single folks out there!

Just kidding!

Single or not, if you’ve ever eaten something with one hand while using your phone with the other, you sure have an idea how difficult and messy it can get!

Therefore, Miso Soup Design, a Japanese firm, created the “Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl” to make your mealtime fun and, well, less lonely. It has a built-in iPhone dock, so you can use it to check your social media, watch movies, or listen to music while eating your favorite meal.

So, get this weird yet useful iPhone accessory to multitask while you eat.

3. iPhone Ear

iPhone Ear case that perfectly holds your phone

What is your idea of the perfect iPhone case?

A clear iPhone case?

A sparkly and blingy one?

The furry one?
No way!

I know! The one with liquid glitter!

Say hello to the iPhone Ear Case!

Shaped exactly like a human ear, magnified, the amusing Ear Case is the perfect iPhone holder for you. It is made of silicone rubber and has a precise cut-out to securely grip your handset on one side of the extra-large ear!

So, if you want to keep your iPhone safe from scratches, cracks, and bumps, get the Ear Case now!

4. Leg Band Holster

Leg strap accessory for iPhone, so you don’t have to hold your phone anymore

Do you suffer from frequent arm pain due to holding your phone constantly? 

If yes, then here’s the perfect iPhone accessory for you: The Leg Band Holster!

Just strap it around your thigh while sitting, and use your phone without having to hold it. Not only this, but you can use it to hold your iPhone, cards, etc. while running or hiking. 

Get your Leg Band Holster from Amazon now!

5. Cup Holder

Cup holder for iPhone

How about a video call over a cup of tea? 

But wait! 

Where to place your cup? 

We’ve got your back! The fantastic yet weird iPhone Cup Holder is the perfect accessory for such an instance.

It’s a cup holder attached to an iPhone holder, so you don’t need to hold your drink while using your phone. It’s definitely a twofer!

Check out the Cup Holder for your iPhone on Amazon.

But don’t use this accessory during a gaming session, or you’ll be left with a burn and possibly a damp-ridden iPhone.

This brings us to our next weird iPhone accessory…

6. Steering Wheel

Car steering wheel accessory for your iPhone

All those weird accessories and nothing for the gamers? 

Don’t let that get you down because we’ve got something mind-blowing for you!

The Steering Wheel for iPhone is explicitly built for gaming!

But why is it in the category of weird iPhone accessories? Well, although it is built for racing games, when you place the iPhone in the middle compartment and begin to navigate around a corner, the screen tips, requiring you to angle your head to watch the game.

Not really good for playing games on the go, I suppose?

However, you can get the Steering Wheel for iPhone on Amazon easily.

7. Lobster iPhone Case

A Lobster case for your iPhone

If the ear-shaped iPhone case didn’t freak you out, this sure will!

This Lobster iPhone case is an ideal pick for anyone who likes to collect wacky and eerie objects. And, to be honest, we can’t think of any other reason to own one! Unless you’re a fan of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid or love seafood.

In any case, the Lobster iPhone case will surely have people ogling at you like crazy! 

So, get this weird iPhone accessory and get noticed instantaneously. 

8. Lazy Neck Phone Holder

Neck holder for iPhone that can be attached to almost anything or anywhere

Watching a movie on your iPhone while shoveling down snacks? You definitely need a Neck Phone Holder and go completely hands-free!

Just place it around your neck, adjust the distance and position, and you’re in for an amazing movie night. 

But wait!

Don’t lie down while wearing this accessory, or you might encounter temporary damage to your face or neck!

Still in? Get the Lazy Neck Phone Holder on Amazon now.

9. Dancing Cat Speaker

A dancing cat speaker that will dance when you play music on your iPhone

As if Talking Tom wasn’t enough, here’s The Dancing Cat Speaker!

Add a little more fun to your office or home with this cute and entertaining iPhone accessory. Connect it to your iPhone, iPod, or any other audio device via the attached headphone jack and watch the cat dance to the beat of the music. It’s likely to elicit a few laughs and will just make you want to get your groove on!

If you have kids, this will surely keep them entertained for hours!

Get your Dancing Cat Speaker here.

10. Umbilical Cord iPhone Cable

The umbilical cord iPhone cable that almost sucks your iPhone while charging

If there were a contest for grotesque iPhone accessories, the Umbilical Cord iPhone cable would take the lead without a doubt!

A Japanese artist, Mio I-zawa, has created an iPhone charger that resembles an umbilical cord and even moves and vibrates. 

Although we are still trying to figure out the motive behind this creation, it does make quite a thoughtful gift for moms who narrate their birth stories to the kids whenever given a chance!

You can find this weird iPhone charging cable at Etsy.

Key Takeaway 

From a dancing cat speaker to a lobster case and an umbilical cord iPhone cable, you will find all sorts of weird accessories for an iPhone in the market.

We have summed up 10 such accessories in this article. While most of them are plain weird, some may prove useful as well, like the Leg Band Holster. So, the next time you’re looking to add a funny-looking accessory to your collection or simply want to gift something unique to your friends, you know where to look!

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