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20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn’t Talk About

20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

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Did you know that your iPhone has some hidden features that nobody knows of? Therefore, We have rounded up 20 stunning iPhone features that Apple doesn’t talk about to enhance your iPhone experience!

Even if you’ve been using an iPhone since the first launch, I’m sure you’re unaware of some of its functions. 

1. The Sleep Timer

How many of you listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks right before calling it a night? I’m pretty sure most of us do that, but there’s one disadvantage! While we fall asleep to the soothing sound of music, our iPhone keeps playing it, resulting in a depleted battery by morning. 

Little did you know that there’s a very easy solution for this: The Sleep Timer!

By using the Clock on your iPhone, you can set a timer for how long you want the iPhone to play, and go to sleep without worrying about the battery. 

To activate the timer:

  • Open the Clock app on your iPhone and click on “Timer” at the bottom right corner.
Open the Clock app on your iPhone and click on “Timer”
  • Now set the duration.
Now set the duration.
  • Next, click on “When Timer Ends > Stop Playing” and tap on “Set” at the top-right corner.
click on “When Timer Ends > Stop Playing”
  • Lastly, tap on “Start” for the timer to start.
tap on “Start”

2. Clearing the iPhone’s RAM 

Clearing the iPhone’s RAM - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

Apple has included an intriguing function that allows you to wipe the phone’s Random Access Memory and speed it up. To do so, press and hold the wake/sleep button until the message “slide to power off” appears on the screen.

Press the “Home” button after releasing the button. Hold it there for a few seconds. After a brief flash, the screen will return to the home screen.

3. Custom Vibration Patterns

Custom Vibration Patterns - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

Your iPhone pulses when you receive a new text message. Fortunately, custom-made patterns can be used to tailor this vibration to your preferences. Select “Sounds” from the “Settings” menu. After that, go to the “Sounds and Vibrations” section and select “Vibration.”

You can start recording there to build a new vibration pattern. The sequence can be selected by tapping the screen’s center. The good news is that each of your contacts can have their vibration.

4. Enabling Text Message Character Count

Turn on the Character Count option to view how long each text is

Simply enable the character count tool to check how lengthy each text is. Before delivering the text, this will display the number of characters in your message. Go to “Settings” and then “Messages” to do so.

Find the “Character Count” option in this section and enable it. You’ll automatically see how many characters you have when you start entering a new message.

5. Recording Videos without Unlocking the Screen

Did you know that even if your phone is locked, you can still capture videos? Tap the “Shutter” button to lock your phone. Then, at the bottom right, drag the camera icon till it’s halfway up, but don’t release it.

Record a video without others noticing - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

To get to the video option, slide the camera mode. Then, three times double-press the “Home” button while keeping your finger on the slider until the screen goes dark. Your phone is already recording a video this way. By unlocking your phone, you can put an end to this.

6. Dialing an Extension

Dial an extension effortlessly 

We need to call an extension from time to time. What could be better than being able to do so effortlessly with only a few taps and selections on our iPhones?

Simply dial the main phone number you’d like to call, then press and hold the start button (*) until a comma appears. Then, after this new comma, put the extension number and dial the number.

7. The Ad-Blocking Feature

Block ads in iPhone/iPads - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

Do those ads irritate you when you’re playing games or using apps on your iPhone or iPad? If that’s the case, there’s a free way to block or disable mobile ads on your device. Simply put your phone in Airplane Mode to switch off the phone’s radios for a limited time, and you’ll be able to play most games without the obnoxious ads.

8. Change the Direction of Panorama Mode

You can also change the direction of Panorama mode - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

Although the quality of your iPhone is fantastic, it is also crucial to note that you may customize all of our images. For example, you can use this easy tip to adjust the direction of the Panorama mode before taking the photo. Simply tap the arrow on the screen to change the orientation of Panorama mode before shooting in iOS.

9. Delete Mistakes in the Calculator App

Delete mistakes in the Calculator app by swiping up

In every way, digital calculators have surpassed analog calculators. From making shopping lists to budgets, our phones’ calculators are the easy solution to all of our issues. Simply swipe your finger to the left or right of the numbers to erase the last digit if you typed an incorrect digit.

10. Emergency Calls

Fill in your medical information so that it’s accessible during emergencies 

Medical ID is a highly useful feature on iPhones. When dialing a phone number, this is located in the left bottom corner. In an emergency, having the necessary information in this area can save your life.

It allows you to save all of your important data, which can then be accessed with a single swipe. You should at the very least include any allergies you may have as well as your blood type.

11. Restoring Recently Closed Tabs

Retrieve tabs that you close by mistake - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

On PCs, it’s common to close a tab by accident, let alone on a mobile phone. Simply press and hold the + button at the bottom of the screen if you unintentionally close a tab or want to reopen one you previously used.

12. Offline Google Maps

Download Google maps for offline use - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

When we travel, we may not have access to the internet owing to bad signals or data limitations. In this scenario, it’s advisable to be safe and have an offline version of Google Maps on hand to ensure you don’t get lost. By typing ‘ok maps’ into the map search box, you can download the maps for offline use.

13. Mouse Support

Enable mouse support to play games with ease- 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

Did you know that your device can connect to both wired and wireless devices? This will allow you to easily control your smartphone or even play games. Access “Settings” and “Accessibility” to activate mouse support. Go to the “Touch” area, connect the mouse and adjust the buttons.

14. Hidden Field Test App

Type *3001#12345#* for secret information - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

All iPhones feature secret service codes that can be used to obtain various pieces of information about the device, the mobile operator, and the cellular network. If you type the code *3001#12345#* For example, you’ll get a hidden menu with information about your SIM card, network operator, signal quality, etc.

15. Boost your Wi-Fi’s Speed

Turn on Wi-Fi assist to speed up your iPhone - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

The Wi-Fi Assist feature is available on all iPhones. When you set this one up, your phone will automatically switch to mobile data if the signal on your regular network is weak. This can be found in the settings section under “mobile data,” where you may then turn on “Wi-Fi assist.” You can also find a WiFi password on your iPhone to share with your friends. Syncwire provides you with the best information about ‘How to find a WiFi password on iPhone?’ 

16. Desktop Website

Request desktop website for full functionality 

When it comes to mobile access, certain websites are less than ideal. If you want full features, you should get the Desktop version. Fortunately, you can use your cell phone to request the desktop site. To get started, simply go to the website.

Then, from the URL bar, select the fresh icon. This will prompt you to choose between two options: request a desktop site or cancel. This will take you to the website’s standard version.

17. Disabling Unnecessary Apple Music Tabs

Disable unnecessary Apple Music tabs

Apple Music is one of the iPhone’s coolest features, especially if you enjoy music. Unfortunately, due to the numerous tabs that display when you launch the app, it can be difficult to navigate.

You may fix this problem by going to Settings, then “Music.” Turn off the “Show Apple Music” option there. Go to Settings, General, and Restrictions. After entering your password, turn off Apple Music.

18. Frozen iPhone

Restart to deal with a frozen or unresponsive iPhone

Everyone has been in a position where their phone hangs, freezes, and refuses to work. Allow it to rest for a while. Press and hold the On/Off switch as well as the Home button until the screen turns off (it can take up to 10 seconds). Your iPhone will reboot and display the Apple logo once you’ve finished.

19. Flash Notifications

Turn on flash notifications 

We are frequently too preoccupied or in a noisy environment to hear our phones. This option allows you to receive flash notifications so you can see them as soon as they arrive on your phone. Select “Accessibility” from “Settings.” Open the “Audio/Visual” section from here and enable the LED Flash for alerts.

20. Simplifying Tricks

Some iPhone capabilities can be difficult to use. You can make things easier for yourself by creating shortcuts that appear on your screen. Go to the section of Settings, General, and Accessibility. Then select “Assistive Touch“.

Customize Assistive touch as per your needs - 20 Stunning iPhone Features That Apple Doesn't Talk About

When you turn it on, you’ll notice a white circle on your screen. Select “Configure Top Level Menu” to modify it, and you can choose which features you want on the Assistive Touch Menu, such as mute, screenshot, lock screen, and more.

Summing Up

In this article, we discussed 20 Stunning iPhone features that Apple doesn’t talk about. It’s possible that you aren’t familiar with some of these. Make sure to give them a try.

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