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5 Best Screen Protectors for the iPhone 8 & 7

best iphone screen protectors

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Screen protectors are an essential accessory for your phone. The screen is the most delicate part of your iPhone, so you should use one of the best iPhone screen protectors.

While most modern phones are already pretty durable and sturdy, having a protector takes the fear out of daily use. An excellent benefit of screen protectors is extra protection against scratches and impacts – they will not hinder the screen visibility. 

While there are plenty to choose from, we’ll be going over some of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 8 and 7.

The best iPhone screen protectors for your iPhone 8 & 7

Screen Protector by Syncwire is made of tempered high-grade glass with 9H surface hardness. It has a tough oleophobic coating that keeps fingerprints and smudges away, so your Apple iPhone 8 & 7 can look new all the time.

A screen protector that is easy to install, six times stronger than regular ones, and has an oleophobic coating. The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints and smudges away, which means a less frequent cleaning of your screen.

With Syncwire Screen Protector for your iPhone 8 & 7, you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. It’s a quality product from a company that strives to offer the best experience possible at an affordable price.

Having three screen protectors in a single pack for $14.99, this one by Syncwire is probably the cheapest and high-quality pack of screen protectors available out there. In addition, it comes with three wet wipes, four dust-removal stickers, one microfiber cloth, and three dust absorbers. What’s even better is that you get a 3-year warranty. 

Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone

Zagg InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense 

Zagg InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense 

The ZAGG’s screen protector is one of the best iPhone screen protectors. With their excellent technology, they were able to engineer durable, scratch-proof screen protection technology. 

It offers 7x shatter, impact, and drop protection. When your device drops on the ground, its ability to absorb and distribute the impact prevents potential cracks. Another feature that makes it impeccable is its Aerospace grade Self-healing technology, meaning it has smart molecules that remember their shape and restore to get rid of scratches. 

Thanks to its sapphire crystals, your phone gets unmatched protection against scratches – keep the surface smooth and shiny. It has a built-in oil-resistant design that keeps fingerprints and smudges away, which means a less frequent cleaning of your screen.

The only factor that could push you away from this screen protector is its high-end price. It’s one of the most expensive screen protectors for iPhones available in the market.

Spigen iPhone 8/7 Screen Protector EZ FIT GLAS.tR

gen iPhone 8/7 Screen Protector EZ FIT GLAS.tR

If you have a slightly open budget and are looking for one of the best iPhone screen protectors, this one from Spigen might be a good choice. In its packing, it includes an auto-alignment installation tray, helping you to install the protector effortlessly and precisely. 

This screen protector provides superb protection to your iPhone 8 & 7 with its full coverage tempered glass. The 9H hardness of this screen protector keeps your phone safe from unwanted scratches by sharp and hard items in your pocket. 

During daily use, oil residue may transfer onto the screen. With oleophobic coating, you don’t need to worry about oil residue or fingerprints.

It comes in a packing of two screen protectors, so you have an extra one readily available. 

Otterbox Alpha Glass for iPhone 8 & 7

Otterbox Alpha Glass for iPhone 8 & 7

Still, looking for one of the best iPhone screen protectors? Alpha Glass by Otterbox is a premium quality screen protector with a price tag on the higher side. Its installation is simple. Manufactured from tempered glass with rounded edges, Alpha Glass Screen Protector feels smooth to the touch and offers resistance from fingerprints, scratches, and bumps. High-definition transparency ensures you get a natural viewing experience while keeping your screen scratch-free and fingerprint-free.

It has flawless clarity to keep your phone’s screen in pristine quality with a highly clear display. Another excellent feature is its reactive touch that ensures optimal touchscreen responsiveness. The anti-shatter capabilities of this screen protector avoid splintering and shattering the screen.

Moshi IonGlass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 & 7

Moshi IonGlass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 & 7

Another excellent screen protector on our list is by Moshi. The manufacturer claims its glass to be stronger than tempered glass. Its glass is atomically strengthened. It has precisely rounded edges, so it fits the screen properly. 

It’s an easy to install screen protector that’s 40% thinner than other screen protectors available in the market. It has an oleophobic coating that keeps fingerprints and smudges away, which means a less frequent cleaning of your screen.

Like Syncwire, Moshi also offers a limited period warranty, but it’s one less year than Syncwire. If you’re looking for a screen protector that’s available in more than one color combination, consider this one. It’s available in two color combinations. 

Why use the best screen protector for iPhone 8 and 7

One of the best ways to keep your new iPhone in pristine condition is to use a screen protector. This thin film or tempered glass will protect your precious display from scratches, bumps, and drops. In fact, it’s surprising how many people don’t even think about protecting their phone’s screen.

Do you use a screen protector on your iPhone? If not, then use the best iPhone 8 & 7 screen protector.

Screen protectors help prevent scratches. The screen on your phone is made from delicate glass. It can be easily scratched when you place it in your pocket with keys or other items.


These protectors are all high quality, so there’s little to worry about if you decide on any of these models. But, Syncwire Screen Protector Pack of 3 is the best option in every aspect. 

Before committing to a protector, take the time to ensure it is perfectly compatible with your device. That’ll only do you good in the end.

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