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5 iPhone 13 Pro Clear Cases to Show Off That Metallic Finish

iPhone 13 Pro Clear Cases

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Getting an iPhone with vibrant colors is one thing, but nothing beats the metallic finish that exhibits originality and power. 

And with the new iPhone 13 Pro available in 4 stunning metallic shades, sierra blue, graphite, gold, and silver, one would definitely want to show off that lustrous sheen!

Therefore, we have rounded up some of the best iPhone 13 Pro clear cases for you to keep your iPhone protected, all the while displaying its cool color.

1. Syncwire Protective iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case

  • Made of shock-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethane from the sides and scratch-free polycarbonate material from the rear, this iPhone 13 Pro clear case is sure to give your iPhone maximum protection.
  • This case is designed specifically for the iPhone 13 Pro; hence, it has precise cutouts for all the side buttons and ports.
  • The raised bezels keep the camera lens and screen from getting scratched or cracked as a result of a sudden drop.
  • It has a beautiful sleek design to keep the originality of your iPhone, plus the anti-yellowing coating makes it a long-lasting choice.
  • It works well with wireless chargers.

So, if you’re not a fan of showy or bulky iPhone cases, the Syncwire Protective Case Cover is just the thing for you!

Let’s start with the basics. A simple translucent iPhone case for a minimalistic look that keeps your iPhone safe? Here’s the Syncwire Protective Case Cover for you!

2. ESR Air Armor Back Cover

Next up on our list is another solid iPhone 13 Pro clear case, the ESR Air Armor Back Cover.

ESR Air Armor Back Cover
  • This iPhone 13 Pro case has thermoplastic polyurethane edges, while the back is made of hard acrylic material that is 3 times sturdier than polycarbonate.
  • It is scratch-resistant and has ultra shock-absorbing air guard corners for seamless protection against bumps and drops.
  • Also, the lifted corners keep the camera and screen protected well, even if it falls flat on its front or back.
  • It has 36 built-in magnets that snap MagSafe or other wireless chargers right in place.

The ESR Air Armor iPhone 13 case comes in a non-magnetic clear case and a frosted black cover also, but this magnetic clear case is the best for a simple look.

3. Cyrill Spigen Cecile Back Cover Case

Not everyone likes a plain clear case. There are some who like some designs on their clear cases. And that’s why we have the Cyrill Spigen Cecil Back Cover case for you! 

Cyrill Spigen Cecile Back Cover Case
  • Designed specifically with girls and ladies in mind, this clear case with a floral pattern is perfect to show off your iPhone 13 Pro’s color amidst blooming daisies.
  • It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate material that keeps your phone safe from drops as high as 48 inches.
  • It also has a small strap hole where you can attach charms and other accessories to add some bling to your iPhone case.
  • The floral pattern is printed inside the case to avoid damage or peeling off from the outside.
  • It has raised bezels and frosted camera lens border to keep the screen and lens safe from cracks and scratches.

This bright and full-of-life iPhone 13 clear case is available in 2 designs, a white daisy (pictured) and a flower garden. So, to add a touch of color to your minimalistic style, this iPhone case is the perfect pick.

4. OtterBox Prefix Series iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case

Let’s talk about an iPhone 13 Pro case fit for everyone! The OtterBox Prefix Series Case is the perfect blend of a translucent case with a dash of solid color.

OtterBox Prefix Series iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case
  • This sturdy case by OtterBox is made of soft polycarbonate material that keeps your iPhone safe from sudden impacts and drops.
  • It has a slim and sleek design with a firm grip so that you can hold your iPhone without it slipping off your hands.
  • Also, it is anti-sweat and anti-fingerprint, making it easy to clean.
  • While the rear of this iPhone case is clear, the sides are colored, adding vibrancy to your case.
  • Lastly, it is compatible with wireless charging.

You can find this case in 4 colors including, black crystal, pacific reef, party pink, and clear. 

5. Just Cool iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case 

Talking of clear cases with colored edges, the Just Cool iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case is another good option to protect your iPhone. 

Just Cool iPhone 13 Pro Clear Case 
  • With a thermoplastic polyurethane side frames and polycarbonate, this iPhone 13 case weighs only 20g and is 1.6mm thick.
  • It has an airbag design on the corners that absorbs shocks and prevents damage to your iPhone 13 Pro.
  • It has precise cutout slots for the side buttons, ports, and cameras.
  • The edges are slightly raised to prevent scratches and cracks to the screen and lens.
  • Moreover, you can easily install a screen protector with this case.
  • Lastly, it supports wireless charging as well.

This case is available in 5 colors including, black, dark blue, light blue, red, and clear. So, a tinge of color combined with transparency is the best choice for a simple and clean-looking iPhone 13 Pro case.

Final Words

When it comes to an iPhone 13 Pro clear cases, the choices are many. But obviously, you would want something that keeps the original look of your iPhone intact, while being sleek and stylish at the same time. 

While most iPhone 13 Pro cases provide foolproof protection, they are bulky to hold. Therefore, the 5 clear cases mentioned in this article are perfect if you’re looking for something minimalistic, compact yet sturdy. 

All of them are compatible with wireless chargers, and you can also install a tempered glass screen protector along with these cases for 360-degree protection. 

So, which iPhone 13 clear case are you going to choose to complement your style? 

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