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5 iPhone 13 Pro Max Clear Cases To Go Minimalistic

iPhone 13 pro max clear case

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Are you tired of those iPhone cases that might seem a bit too extra? Are you looking for something that is simple, elegant, and goes with your minimalistic flair?

Well, you’re in luck, as today we have rounded up 5 of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max clear cases for those of us who like to keep it low-key yet stay with the crowd.

Like always, we will start with simple and basic iPhone clear cases, then move up to the ones with a dash of color and adornments.

1. Syncwire iPhone 13 Pro Max Protective Case 

  • This iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case has thermoplastic polyurethane sides and a polycarbonate back made of Bayer’s anti-yellowing material.
  • The material is sturdy, with effective shock-absorbing and scratch-resistant properties.
  • It has been designed specifically for the iPhone 13 Pro Max; therefore, it has proper cutouts for the ports and buttons.
  • The lifted bezels protect the screen and camera lens from scratches and cracks.
  • It is MagSafe and Qi-charging compatible, making it an excellent on-the-go choice.

The Syncwire iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case is available at a reasonable price on the Syncwire website and is perfect for keeping your iPhone safe while showing off its fabulous colors.

So, our first recommendation for an iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case is the Syncwire Protective Case Cover.

2. Vaku Luxos Translucent Armor Back Case

Do you want a clear case with some color for your iPhone 13 Pro Max? The Vaku Luxos Translucent Armor Back Case has you covered!

Vaku Luxos Translucent Armor Back Case
  • This case is made of soft thermoplastic polyurethane and hard polycarbonate material, carefully designed to fit an iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • The design is slim, yet it does not compromise on protection and wireless charging compatibility.
  • Moreover, it is scratch-resistant, anti-smudge, combined with high-quality shock-absorption features.
  • The edges around the camera lens and screen are slightly raised to protect your iPhone from cracks if it falls face-first.
  • The best part is that although it is clear, it has a slight sunset gold shade that makes it an exquisite choice.
  • And, like mentioned earlier, it supports 360-degree rotation magnetic charging.

So, get an iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case with a slight shade to give your iPhone a nice vibrant look.

3. RingKe Fusion Design Hard Cover 

How about an iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case with some letter design? The RingKe Fusion Design Hard Cover case is just what you’re looking for!

RingKe Fusion Design Hard Cover - iPhone 13 pro max clear case
  • The case is made of durable polycarbonate while having thermoplastic polyurethane bumpers. 
  • It has lanyard holes on both sides, so you can conveniently hand it around your neck for versatility.
  • It has a UV mold printed design on the rear that shows your iPhone’s metallic finish along with a stylish design.
  • It is lightweight yet sturdy enough to protect your iPhone from impacts and bumps. 
  • You can easily charge your iPhone wirelessly with this case.

The RingKe Fusion Hard Cover is available in several other floral and abstract prints to match your style.

4. Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear with Impact Geometry

Talking about a clear case with a pop of color, the Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Case is next on our list. 

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear with Impact Geometry
  • It is made of soft polycarbonate material, with impact geometry to keep your phone safe from drops as high as 13-feet.
  • The design is slim and coated Microban, an anti-bacterial layer that prevents and keeps away bacteria growth.
  • Its edges are dual-layered for added protection that keeps the ports safe from dust.
  • Also, the bezels and camera rings are raised to keep the screen and lens safe.
  • The case has an anti-yellowing feature, and the company promises to replace the case if it fades or yellows over time.
  • Last but not least, it supports wireless charging.

While the Presidio is a clear case, it is outlined with eye-catching hues that make it stand out. It is available in black, rosy pink, fountain teal, and unreal red (pictured) colors.

5. i-Blason Halo Case

A clear case might be a good option to show that pristine finish, but a few embellishments here and there never hurt anybody. Hence, here’s the i-Blason Halo Case for your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

i-Blason Halo Case - iPhone 13 pro max clear case
  • Like every other iPhone 13 Pro Max case, this is also made up of thermoplastic polyurethane material that is known for its shock-absorbing properties.
  • It is anti-scratch due to a protective finish layer and has anti-yellowing properties that keep your iPhone 13 looking neat and clean even after several years.
  • As it is made specifically for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it has cutouts for easy access to all buttons and ports.
  • The design is slim and lightweight, making it easier to hold with a firm non-slip grip.
  • It has slightly raised sides preventing the screen and camera lens from scratching or cracking.
  • It is available in multiple different design options to make your case look pretty. The one pictured is the Blue Jay design.
  • Most importantly, and something that everyone looks for in an iPhone 13 Pro Max case is the fact that it supports MagSafe and all other wireless chargers.

So, if you’re a fan of the wild or like something that shows a hint of wilderness, the i-Blason Halo case is just what you need.

Wrapping Up

Why do we need a clear case? To preserve the simple beauty of an iPhone 13 Pro Max with its metallic finish and awesome shades. But, you can always enhance the beauty of your device by adding a dash of color or design to your clear case!

Therefore, while some of the iPhone 13 Pro Max clear cases that we have mentioned above are entirely clear, some have colored outlines to add a pop of vibrancy, while others are semi-printed with beautiful designs.

Regardless, whichever iPhone 13 Pro Max clear case you choose, it is sure to exhibit the beauty of your iPhone while showing off your minimalistic style!

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