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best iphone car mounts

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Having your smartPhone accessible in a secure, hands-free fashion is vital whether you’re navigating on a long car trip or selecting your daily commuting music. 

But, there are lots of unsatisfactory smartPhone cradles on the market, and not all car mounts are created equal.

Whether you like to put your phone on the dashboard, in a vent, or elsewhere in your car, our list will guide you to the best car phone holder for your car and phone to keep both workings in perfect harmony. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the best car mounts for iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

List of Best iPhone Car Mounts

Syncwire Car Phone Mount Air Vent Cell Phone Holder

The Syncwire phone mount comes with an air vent clip and a stick-on base, allowing it to be installed on any flat surface in the car, even the air vent. It works well with slim cases and is suitable with phones ranging from 4.7 to 6.5 inches in size.

Besides, when the battery on your iPhone runs low, the Syncwire Car Holder leaves the charging port unblocked so you can quickly charge it without interrupting normal use. It also has a gravity linkage system that automatically locks/releases your phone. 

Order yours from Syncwire today here

Scosche MagicMount Pro Magnetic Mount

Scosche MagicMount Pro Magnetic Mount for your iPhone

Although the term “Scosche” is difficult to pronounce, it is not a difficult product to adore. Scosche’s MagicMount Pro grabs your phone and holds it in place with strong neodymium magnets using a magnetic mounting method. Because it’s magnetic, you can connect your phone at any angle you choose, and it has a 4-axis ball joint to assist you to set it where you want it.

The charging cord is secured to the SCOSCHE MagicMount by an integrated cable clip, and the cradle-free design allows for safe, one-handed operation and access to all controls and ports. Check it out on Amazon here

Kenu Airframe + Vent Mount

Kenu Airframe + Vent Car Phone Mount

Sticky pads on your dashboard or suction cups on your windscreen aren’t your thing? Then a vent mounting system might be just what you need. 

Kenu‘s Airframe+ is designed to fit vent slats. It easily goes into your chosen vent and expands to fit your iPhone.

The clip rotates to fit both thin and thick vent slats, and it’s large enough to fit even the largest iPhones, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s small and lightweight, and when paired with a credit card, it doubles as a phone kickstand. Get yours from Amazon here

Topgo Gooseneck Cup Holder Mount

Topgo Gooseneck Cup Holder Mount for iPhone

Topgo‘s car mount makes use of a previously vacant cup holder by holding your phone in it. The flexible base can be adjusted to accommodate practically any cup holder, and the main cradle’s 8-inch gooseneck allows you to set your phone anywhere you need it.

The cradle itself is safe and expands to more than 3.5 inches, making it large enough to hold any iPhone currently on the market. So, even if you have the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, this car mount is good to go! You can buy the cup holder mount here

iOttie Easy One Touch 5

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Car Phone Mount

The iOttie Easy One Touch 5‘s standout feature is its amazing one-touch mechanism, which lets you close and open the mount with one hand, making it ideal for rapidly slipping in your phone while you’re getting ready to leave. 

Your iPhone is safely held in place by the arms, and there are feet at the bottom to prevent it from falling. Importantly, the feet can be adjusted in height, and there is a telescopic arm that can extend and pivot. 

The iOttie mount’s flexibility allows it to fit any iPhone model including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, with any cover, and you can always find the perfect angle. It’s a safe, sturdy mount at a reasonable price. Get one for yourself here

ZeeHoo 15W Wireless Charging Mount

ZeeHoo 15W Wireless Charging Car Phone Mount

The ZeeHoo wireless charging mount can keep your mobile operating without any connections to combat the battery loss that occurs with using demanding location-tracking apps. 

This isn’t your average wireless charger, though: it supports 15W Qi Fast Charging, which is far faster than the standard 5W.

The ZeeHoo mount, unlike most wireless charging mounts, contains a USB Type-C connection. A fan is included in the car-powered mount to keep your phone cool as it charges. It can hang onto both the dashboard and windshield. If you wish to buy this wireless charging car mount, check out here

IPOW Car Phone Mount

IPOW Car Mount for iPhone

The IPOW Car Phone Mount is reasonably priced and incredibly effective, with a strong suction cup on the base that will cling firmly to your dashboard or windshield. 

It’s designed to be fully adjustable, so the iPhone cradle is linked via a ball socket that can be adjusted to any angle, and both the clamp and arm can be adjusted and tightened once you’ve found your ideal position.

This mount is compatible with nearly all phones and is ideal for iPhones ranging in size from the iPhone 8 to the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max. Although there is no built-in charging, there is space between the feet to connect a cable for car chargers. You can buy it on Amazon here

Trianium Magnetic Dash Car Mount

Trianium Magnetic Dash Car Mount 

The Trianium magnetic dashboard car phone holder uses 3M adhesive to adhere to your car and incorporates metal plates for your phone to provide a solid connection. Unlike some magnetic holders, this one has a ball head joint that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to get the exact angle you want.

The mount has a cable management clip for your charging cord, and the base is bendable so it can adapt to even curved surfaces. Finally, because this holder has no sidearms or boundaries, it can accommodate even the largest iPhones, such as the iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 series. If you want to buy it, click here

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

If you want to save space and money, WizGear‘s car phone holder is the way to go. It will also save you time when it comes to mounting your iPhone because you won’t have to fiddle with your arms and won’t have to remove your iPhone’s protective cover. 

This mount doesn’t stick to the dash or have a phone holder; instead, it clips to your air vent.

It magnetically secures your iPhone in place without interfering with any of the phone’s features. 

You can use the provided metal plate in your case, between the back of your phone and the case of the spherical magnetic plate on the back of your phone to attach your iPhone to the mount. If you don’t have an iPhone case, you may buy it here. Once done, you can adjust the angle accordingly.

Also, the magnetic feature makes this car mount easily compatible with the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, as it can snap to its rear seamlessly!

Get yours here

Final Words

To keep your car and phone in perfect operating order, a car phone mount is necessary. If you’re looking for one, read the guide above for the best iPhone car mounts. Make sure to buy the one that fits your requirements completely. Moreover, all our car mount recommendations are perfect to hold large-sized iPhones like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series.

Head over to our blog for more reviews and recommendations. 

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