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Best Screen Protectors For iPhone 13 Pro In 2021

iPhone 13 pro screen protectors

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The all-new iPhone 13 Pro is one of the best-looking phones out now. If you have one, you can’t stand to see those scratches. So you’d want to protect its screen with one of the best iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors.

The problem is that there are hundreds of screen protector brands out there and choosing one to buy is a hard decision to make because a lot of them claim they’re cheap, efficient, and easy to put on.

With so many screen protectors available on the market, the question is how do you know which one will give you the proper protection? Sure, if you try to look for them alone, you will get totally confused. Thus, we are here to provide the best recommendations in our list of the best iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors.

Let’s get started without any further ado.

The 5 Best iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protectors You Should Buy

Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro (2-Pack)

Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro (2-Pack)

For an iPhone screen protector, you can’t just choose any product. If you want to protect your iPhone well, then the protector should be made of good quality material that won’t harm the sensitive screen. One of the best choices is the Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro. There are several reasons why it can be said. 

The tempered glass material used in this item has a 9H hardness rating. This means that it is very strong and tough for protecting your phone’s screen against any scratches or impacts. With its 99.9% transparency, this screen protector gives total protection without hampering its functionality in any way.

Screen protectors also come with a number of perks, such as anti-fingerprint, water-resistance, scratch resistance, and bubble-free — thanks to its oleophobic coating. 

You can install it easily with the included installation kit. What’s even better? It comes in a pack of 2 screen protectors. You can install the second one whenever needed. 

Syncwire Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 13 Pro [2-Pack]

Syncwire Privacy Screen Protector iPhone 13 Pro

Do you know what’s even better than a screen protector for your iPhone 13 Pro? A privacy screen protector!

Protect your privacy when you’re in public with the Syncwire Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro. It’s an anti-spy tempered glass screen protector that is easy to apply and features maximum protection. It will protect your device from scratches and impact while allowing you to view the screen clearly. It lets 99.9% of light pass through so your screen’s clarity isn’t affected. The high-quality tempered glass has a 9H hardness rating that provides maximum strength, durability, and scratch resistance.

No matter how hard someone tries to look at the screen, they can’t see anything unless they’re the one holding the phone right in front of their eyes. Your privacy in the public is pretty much covered, isn’t it?

It’s available in the pack of 2 so you have an extra screen protector readily available. 

Totallee Screen Protector

Totallee Screen Protector

If you have a relatively higher budget for an iPhone 13 Pro screen protector, then look no further. Totallee has established itself as a solid name in the screen protector manufacturing space. It’s one of the expensive iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors. 

Its edge-to-edge coverage ensures that it fits well on your screen and leaves no edge exposed. Like most of the high-end and durable screen protectors, it has a 9H hardness rating. Tempered glass is used as its material, which is why it offers durability and reliability one would want in a screen protector.  

Unlike Syncwire screen protectors, it doesn’t come in the pack of 2 protectors. However, it has a microfiber piece of cloth to help clean the screen effectively. 

Spigen iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector EZ FIT GLAS.tR

Spigen iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protector EZ FIT GLAS.tR

If you have an open budget and are looking for a screen protector that can be installed easily, this one from Spigen might be a good choice. In its packing, it includes an auto-alignment installation tray, helping you to install the protector effortlessly and precisely. 

This screen protector provides the best protection for the new iPhone 13 Pro with its full coverage tempered glass. The 9H hardness of this screen protector keeps your phone safe from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard substances.

During daily use, oil residue may transfer onto the screen. With oleophobic coating, you don’t need to worry about oil residue or fingerprints.

It comes in a packing of two screen protectors so you have an extra one readily available. 

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy 360 for iPhone 13 Pro

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy 360 for iPhone 13 Pro

Are you looking for a tough screen protector that protects your privacy as well? If so, then be ready to spend some extra bucks to get your hands on one of the most expensive and powerful privacy screen protectors. 

It is thin and very sturdy, which comes from its ion exchange production method. It offers unparalleled four-way privacy to the phone owner when in public. No one can see what’s happening on the screen unless they’re looking at the screen directly from the front.

On top of all, this privacy screen protector has an oleophobic coating to protect it from smudges, residue, and fingerprints. 

If your budget is not tight and you can spend a relatively higher amount of money, then this one is perfect for you.


We’ve discovered that the best screen protectors for iPhone 13 Pro are those designed to improve the viewing experience and provide the best protection. The Syncwire Privacy Screen Protector offers phenomenal clarity, and it also has an oleophobic coating that helps to prevent fingerprints and other contaminants from ruining your screen. 

Its privacy glass doesn’t only give excellent protection to the screen but also ensures that no one in the public can view what’s happening on the screen.  

At a mere price of $14, you can get a pack of 2 privacy screen protectors for your iPhone 13 Pro. 

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