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Neurontin belongs to a class of drugs known as an anticonvulsant. It is pretty effective for the treatment of seizures and some kinds of pain in the body by acting on the chemicals and nerves where the seizures originate. It is especially recommended by doctors to treat neuropathic pain that has been caused by the herpes virus or shingles. Although it has been used for the treatment of seizures in adults and children it is very dangerous if you take it in the form of self-medication as some of the symptoms arising out of consuming Neurontin can be life-threatening. Since it is a prescription drug you can only purchase the same after furnishing the doctor’s authorized note on the letter pad with a sign and seal. Only pharmacies that are licensed to operate under the FDA rules and regulations can sell Neurontin tablets or capsules.

As Neurontin directly works on the nerves it is effective for the treatment of neuropathic pain and other health problems as your doctor may determine. Neurontin is one of the brand names of the medication Gabapentin. You must carefully read the label as soon as the package arrives online to ascertain whether the medicine is genuine and contains details about the dosages.

Take Heed of Neurontin Warnings

Neurontin cannot be taken without your doctor suggesting the drug. It causes life-threatening breathing problems, as it may slow down your breathing or makes you very drowsy. In case you suffer from slow breathing you must get admitted to the nearest hospital. Since the drug directly affects the nerves it is always preferable to have someone near you who can report any severe side effects that you may experience while taking the drug.

Sometimes the symptoms may worsen and your doctor may ask you to get admitted to a hospital. You may also have to avoid doing any outdoor physical activity or driving your vehicle as you may suffer from accidents and injuries. You will be forewarned by your doctor not to take the drug if you have kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, depression, heart disease, and seizures that you are already suffering from.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby you must inform your doctor about it. It may harm the unborn baby or the child and may to a great extent depend upon your general level of immunity.

Dosages and Side Effects

It is always better to follow the dosage of the neurontin antiepileptic drug as per your doctor’s advice. If not, you may suffer from severe life-threatening symptoms. The tablets or capsules should be swallowed whole and not crushed, chewed, or broken. The tablets must also be stored carefully from light and moisture and at room temperature.

The usual dosage is 300 mg orally or as per your doctor’s advice.

Side effects like fever, skin rash, allergy, stomach pain, and yellowing of your skin or eyes are pretty common. Some people may experience life-threatening breathing problems while others may suffer from changes in mood and behavior. Some patients may harbor depressed thoughts of committing suicide. There are more side effects and you will need to alert your doctor about them the moment they appear.