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Cracked iPhone Screen? iPhone Screen Repair Cost & Repair Options

iPhone screen repair cost

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Have you dropped your iPhone, and the screen is cracked or shattered? Whoops! And, now you are wondering about iPhone screen repair cost. 

It can cost anywhere from $50 to $350 to repair a cracked iPhone screen in 2022, depending on where you get it done and who fixes it. That’s why we put together this blog, to help those with a broken phone screen and answer the all-important question: how much does it cost to fix my iPhone screen and different repair options.

Let’s get started.

cracked iPhone screen

The best options for iPhone screen repair

Use your Warranty

Your Apple warranty covers your device for 1 year but it doesn’t include a warranty for accidental damage – you won’t get your screen repaired free of charge. However, it means you can get support from Apple directly. 

check your iPhone’s warranty

It’s crucial to know that opting for a third-party technician will void the entire warranty. Make sure you get your iPhone screen repaired or replaced from the Apple Store or an Apple-authorized repair center. 


AppleCare+ is the company’s extended warranty that covers most repairs related to your iPhone within a year of purchase.


With AppleCare+, you’re covered for two years after your iPhone purchase, with coverage for up to two incidents of accidental damage. All you need to do is pay a flat fee of a few bucks as service charges. You can also get the AppleCare+ with theft and loss protection which costs an extra amount of money and covers you from theft or loss up to two times in each 12-month period.

iPhone insurance

You might have purchased insurance at the time of buying your phone. If so, then it’s time to contact your insurance provider and inquire about the process of getting your phone’s screen repaired. The cost will depend on the policy you signed up for. 

broken iPhone screen

Third-party repairing center

If you’re not under warranty and don’t have AppleCare, then check out a third-party repair shop. You can find several places that offer iPhone screen repair services, which is much better than buying a brand new phone from Apple. 

If you choose this route, be sure to do your research and be wary of any place that seems too good to be true. 

Apple iPhone technician

Some companies use shady tactics to scam customers into paying more than they should for repairs; read reviews beforehand or ask friends if they’ve had good experiences with a specific company before trusting them with your device.

DIY screen repair kit

If you need a quick fix for your iPhone screen, repairing the screen yourself can be a cheaper alternative to paying Apple or replacing the entire device.

There are plenty of companies that sell DIY repair kits for phones and other devices. They include all the tools and parts needed to complete repairs so you don’t have to pay extra for them separately.

You can watch a comprehensive YouTube tutorial that explains the process to replace the iPhone screen using a DIY kit.

iPhone screen repair cost

iPhone screen repair cost varies depending on where you get it done. And if you’re in a hurry to get it fixed, it can be tempting to take your phone to the nearest authorized service center and pay whatever they ask. Or you could try doing the repair yourself. That may sound like an appealing option, but unless you’re confident in your iPhone repair skills, don’t take this route.  

While considering the different options, you might be wondering about the cost of iPhone screen repair.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost of different iPhone screen repair options:

Apple Repair Center Cost of all iPhones(Out of warranty)

Are cracked screens covered under Apple warranty? No, any form of accidental damage including a broken screen isn’t covered under Apple Limited Warranty. 

iPhone screen repair cost varies from place to place and model to model. If your iPhone is out of warranty and you want to get its broken screen replaced from an Apple repair center, the cost will be between $129 to $329. 

iPhone 13$329-$229
iPhone 12$329-$229
iPhone 11$329-$199
iPhone X$329-$199
iPhone 8$169-$149
iPhone 7$169-$149
iPhone 6$149-$129
iPhone 5$129

These costs don’t include shipping fees. If you’re in another region outside the United States, the costs might differ. Most Apple Stores and Apple-authorized service providers offer same-day screen replacement services. 

When you send your iPhone to an Apple store for repair work, it’s a safe practice to backup your iPhone. 

AppleCare+ repair cost

Does AppleCare cover a cracked screen? The good news is yes you can use AppleCare to cover the screen repair cost. If you have an AppleCare+ plan, you can use it to cover accidental damage. However, you need to pay for this plan and can only avail of coverage for a maximum of two incidents in a year. 

The coverage isn’t completely free. You have to pay a service fee of $29, depending on the plan. The service fee under AppleCare+ is the same for all models. 

Third-party repair cost 

Another option is to look for third-party service providers who will either visit you at home for an in-person repair or you can visit their service center. The cost for this type of service varies widely depending on the model, your location, and more. 

If your iPhone is still under warranty, then it’s not a wise choice to get it repaired from a third party because it’ll entirely void the warranty. 

Typically, it can cost between $50 to $250 depending on your model. Some service providers offer you to repair your iPhone at your place for an additional cost.

The cost can add up if you decide to get it done immediately. Third-party service providers often provide emergency repair services and charge an extra amount of money. 

DIY repair kit cost

Not a recommended method, but you can buy a DIY repair kit to replace your iPhone’s screen. If your phone is still under warranty, avoid this method to the extent of possibility. 

DIY repair kits are available at different prices. The newer the model, the higher the price. However, be ready to spend anywhere between $45 to $200 or even more. 

How do you know whether you broke tempered glass or the phone screen?

Examine using bright lights

If you want to confirm whether the cracks are in the tempered glass or phone screen, flash a bright light on the display. If it’s the phone screen that’s broken, you’ll see much more light refraction as compared to when the tempered glass is broken only.

If there are deeper lines under the glass, it probably indicates that the phone screen has sustained damage as well.

Check the screen edges

Another way to seek confirmation is to check the screen edges. Some screen protectors don’t cover the entire screen and keep the edges naked. If there are cracks on the edges, it means the phone screen is broken. 

Remove the screen protector

If you drop your phone having a screen protector on it and its display is shattered, remove any excess shards of glass from the display very carefully. It’s important to remove the glass the right way, so further damage could be avoided. You can use a piece of paper or cloth to pick up the loose pieces of glass. 

Once the shards have been removed, take a look at the surface of the phone display. Is it smooth or does it look like there are lines running through it? When dropped on its front or back, a regular phone screen will not shatter into lots of small pieces like a screen protector when broken; instead, it will crack into just large pieces. After removing the screen protector, you’ll be able to identify easily whether the phone screen is broken or not.

How to prevent iPhone screen damage in the future?

Apple products are notoriously fragile, and you should do what you can to prevent damage from happening. If you’re not careful, your iPhone could end up with a cracked screen or worse damaged. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to protect your investment!

Use a protective case

A phone case is a way to keep your iPhone safe from getting damaged if you drop it. These cases can be made out of different materials, including leather, plastic, rubber, etc. But one thing they all offer is protection to your iPhone’s screen and back. An iPhone case is a great way to maintain a firm grip on your phone. Without it, your iPhone can slip from your hands very easily, and you’ll be left with a considerable expense to deal with. 

Syncwire’s Protective Cases for iPhones are high-quality, affordable, and stylish. You can find the perfect one that matches your style and color needs.

Syncwire’s Protective Cases for iPhones

Use a high-quality screen protector

If you’ve invested in the expensive and latest model of iPhone, you’d not want its screen to suffer only a few days after the purchase. A screen protector will offer the much-needed protection to your iPhone’s screen – protecting it from scratch & shattering and keeping it looking new. 

Screen protectors come in various qualities and price ranges, so find one that works within your budget while offering the best protection. Syncwire Screen Protectors offer the best protection. They’re made from sturdy glass and are scratch-proof and shock-resistant.

Syncwire Screen Protectors

Avoid keeping your iPhone in the back pocket

Another effective prevention is to avoid putting it in places where the screen can be easily scratched or hit. For example, don’t put it in your back pocket while sitting down or leave it on the table while you go to the bathroom. The screen is also vulnerable if you put it in your purse and then drop it on the floor, so make sure your purse isn’t very slim or fragile.

Buy AppleCare

Buying AppleCare for your iPhone won’t prevent damage. Now you might be wondering, does AppleCare cover a cracked screen cost? Yes, it does!

AppleCare was created to protect your Apple purchases. It offers protection from accidental damage twice a year, but you’ll have to pay for it if you want to use it. 


iPhone screen repair cost varies depending on many factors. When your iPhone’s screen is broken to the extent that it hinders the visibility and functionality of the phone, have Apple fix it (especially when your phone is still under warranty).

If you decide to get it done from a third-party service provider, be sure to go for a trusted and reliable one. Also, make sure that you create a backup of your data and remove any sensitive data before you send it for service. 

We hope that this guide proves helpful and informative and you’re now aware of the iPhone screen repair cost.

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