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Everything You Need to Know about Car Phone Holder

car phone holder

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Are you having trouble handling your cell phone while driving? Here’s everything you need to know about a car phone holder.

Car phone holders aren’t just important only for the Uber drivers, but every one of us who drives cars needs one. More often than not, you’ll find yourself using your mobile phone while driving for texting, using maps, or simply choosing the next song you want to be played.

Why Do We Need a Car Phone Holder?

A car phone holder offers a number of unique benefits that drivers can enjoy.

Using car phone holder for GPS navigation on the go

This is perhaps the best reason to get a car phone holder – to use the GPS. As someone who’s touring a new city, you’ll be spending a lot of your time looking for places on the map. It’s imperative that you use a phone holder to mount your cellphone on, and conveniently navigate to your destination without putting yourself and others in the car at risk.

car phone holder for GPS navigation

Using car phone holder for listening to music

While having your phone in hand, scrolling through your playlist, choosing which song to do seems fun, it might not be safe if you’re the driver. Get yourself a phone holder and connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth. Conveniently scroll through the songs on your phone and play them one after the other – there’s no need to take your eyes off the road.

Using car phone holder for listing to music

Using car phone holder for hands-free communication

With a phone that rests firmly in front of you, you can easily swipe to answer your calls. You really wouldn’t need to tilt left and right reaching for your phone in the pocket and endangering yourself on-road driving with just one hand. You can easily put your phone on speaker and talk to the person without going through too much trouble.

Using car phone holder for hands-free communication

Types of Car Mounts

There are different types of car mounts.

  • Air vent car mount
  • Dashboard car mount
  • Windshield car mount

1. Air Vent Car Mount 

The most convenient car holder is the air vent phone mount. It has many benefits and allows you to drive carefree while your phone remains right in front of your eyes.

The air vent mount has magnetic plates attached and to your phone’s back and sticks to it securely. It has clips that hold on to your car’s air vents. The firm grasp of the clasp to the vents and magnetic plates to the phone allows it to remain steady even on bumpy roads.

syncwire car phone holder

Furthermore, the mount allows the phone to rotate 360 degrees for you to view it in portrait mode as well as landscape. The head itself turns around to adjust according to your needs, allowing optimum angle viewing the phone.

Moreover, it does not damage your air vents upon removal and is user-friendly. Not only can you use it in your car, but you can also place your phone in front of you on a desk along with the mount but placing a card between the clips and balancing it on the flat surface.

Revolving head  Blocks an air vent
Magnetic plates 
Firm clasp 
Can be used for all shapes of phones 
Easily charge your phone 

2. Dashboard Car Mount

The dashboard car phone mount is not that different from an air vent phone mount. It also has magnetic plates that attach to your phone case easily. But instead of clips, it has an adhesive sticker to attach to your dashboard.

The sticker is quite strong and does not fail you if the road gets too bumpy. It will allow your phone to hang there steadily on any road while traveling.

dashboard car mount

It had quite a sleek design along with a camouflaging color, which makes it seem like your phone is adjusted at an angle on the dashboard all by itself. It allows your phone to revolve 360 degrees and allows the screen to be viewed in landscape or portrait mode.

All shapes of phones with covers can be attached to it. It is effortless to use and saves you the trouble of handling your phone when driving.

Revolving headDoes not have a dual function
Magnetic plates 
 Can be used for all shapes of phones 
Easily charge your phone. 

3. Windshield Car Mount

A windshield car phone mount has an arm stand which holds your phone. Its adjustable arm stand allows you to fix the grasp around your phone as you prefer. It sticks to the windshield, dashboard, or texture surfaces easily by its adhesive gel pad. It is washable and can be easily removed.

windshield car mount

The arm stand has space for you to access the charger port easily so that your battery does not run out throughout your trip, and your phone remains stably attached to the mount. The arm can stretch out from 4.2”-7.2” and can pivot around into many angles.

However, it does not rotate for you to view in the landscape. Since the arm stand is fixable, it cannot fit all shapes of phones onto itself. It is best suited for iPhones, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Moreover, it cannot be attached to phones with thick cases such as battery cases and wallet cases.

Easily charge your phoneOnly for thin cases
Can be planted on any surfaceNot for all shapes of phones
Telescopic armNot rotatable


The three types of car mounts listed in the article have a top-notch quality. It entirely depends on what fits your needs the best. All the car mounts are designed in a way that easily charges your phone, firmly grips your phone, and can stick to just about any surface. These are just some of the top Syncwire car phone holders. Head over to the website right now and get yourself a phone mount for your car.

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