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How to Connect an Apple Pencil to an iPad?

how to connect apple pencil to ipad

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You’ve heard of sketching on paper with a pencil, but I’m sure sketching on an iPad with a pencil is a relatively new aspect!

But, obviously, we’re not talking about a lead pencil in the case of an iPad; we’re talking about the Apple Pencil! It offers full pressure sensitivity for dynamic line thickness, tilt control for shading, palm rejection for complete sketching, and it can also function as a simple stylus.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best styluses available for the Pad. The Pencil is simple to store and use, regardless of the version you have. 

But, because everything is wireless, it’s not immediately evident how to connect the Apple Pencil to your iPad. Luckily, pairing takes only a few seconds.

Apple generation 1 and 2 Pencils

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect an Apple Pencil to an iPad, complete with how to check its battery and how to use it.

However, before you begin, check out the Apple Pencil Compatibility if you’re unsure which Pencil will work with your iPad.

Now let’s get connecting!

How to Connect an Apple Pencil to your iPad

Before getting to the steps of how to connect an Apple Pencil to your iPad, let us tell you that the first-generation Apple Pencil connects to the iPad via a lightning adapter, while the second-generation Apple Pencil is magnetically attached to the iPad’s top surface. 

Below we have listed the steps for both variants.

Pair your Apple Pencil (1st generation) With your iPad

If you have a first-generation Apple Pencil:

Step 1 

Unscrew the cap on the back of the Apple Pencil and insert it into the charging port of your iPad.

Remove the cap and attach your Apple Pencil to your iPad's Lightning connector

Step 2

Next, unlock your iPad and tap on the “Pair” option when you see it.

Your Apple Pencil is now paired with your iPad and ready to use.

Click on the Pair button that shows on your screen

Pair your Apple Pencil (2nd generation) With your iPad

If you have a second-generation Apple Pencil:

Step 1

Connect it to the magnetic connector on the left side of your iPad. 

Step 2

When it prompts you to connect it, select “Pair.”

The second-generation Apple Pencil features a magnetic connection

The Apple Pencil (1st generation or 2nd) will remain paired with your iPad, until you restart your device, turn on Airplane Mode, or connect it to another iPad.

Now that you know how to connect an Apple Pencil to an iPad, let’s look at how and where you can use it.

Where to Use an Apple Pencil?

The Pencil is primarily a drawing and writing tool; however, you can use it anyplace on the iPad where your finger may be used. 

To try it out:

1. Open Notes.

2. Create a new note

3. Hit the pencil tip icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This switches Notes to drawing mode. 

4. Then, from the tools at the bottom of the screen, choose one and begin experimenting.

Start experimenting on Notes or any other Drawing app

Although Notes is useful software, if you want to create art with your Apple Pencil, consider upgrading to a more advanced drawing app such as Autodesk Sketchbook, Penultimate, or Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

Just like any other device, the Apple Pencil can also run out of battery. Therefore here’s how to check the battery.

How to Check the Battery in an Apple Pencil

Apple claims that Apple Pencils last roughly 12 hours when fully charged. But, because the Apple Pencil lacks a light to indicate how much charging is left, you can check it via:

1. Settings

2. Screen (in the case of the second-generation Apple Pencil)

3. Widget

Let’s take a look at each method individually:

1. Via Settings

To check the battery of your second-generation Pencil when it is magnetically attached:

– Go to “Settings > Apple Pencil.” 

At the top of the screen, you will be able to see the remaining battery life.

Go to Settings, then Apple Pencil to see the remaining battery life of your Apple second-generation Pencil

2. On the Screen

Another way to see the battery life of your Apple Pencil is through the screen. 

When you attach the pencil to the magnetic stripe, the current charge level is briefly displayed on the screen for you to see.

You can also see the battery when you magnetically connect your Apple Pencil

3. Widget

You may also use the iPad’s Batteries widget to keep track of the charge on both models of Apple Pencils. The widgets are located on the Home screen’s left side.

If the Batteries widget isn’t available:

– Scroll to the bottom of the visible widgets and select “Edit.” 

– Select the Battery widget from the drop-down menu and pin it to the top of the page. 

The Apple Pencil’s battery charge may be seen at a glance after that.

Add the battery widget on the top of the screen to see the battery life of your Apple Pencil

If you need to charge the first-generation Apple Pencil, plug it into the same Lightning port on the iPad’s bottom where you paired it, or use the magnetic second-generation Apple Pencil.

It takes about 15 seconds to charge for 30 minutes of battery power, so even if your battery is low, it won’t take long to be back up and running.

Wrapping Up

To make use of your iPad to the fullest, pair it with an Apple Pencil. Whether you’re an artist, a note-taker, or a professional editor, you must know how to pair and use Apple Pencil to make things easier for you. We have discussed all this in the guide above and hope that it will benefit you.

For more interesting and innovative hacks and how-tos, visit our blog today.

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