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How to Connect iPhone to TV?

Connect Iphone to Tv

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Thanks to modern technology, you can connect different screens now. For example, a video playing on your iPhone can be viewed on your TV or PC screen. People want to connect iPhones to larger screens like TV and also want to connect with PC for multiple reasons – Whether you want to host a movie night for friends or just want to play your favorite game on a bigger screen. Connecting an iPhone to other devices can be quite tricky. Yet, today we will tell you four different ways to connect your iPhone to TV effortlessly.

How to Connect iPhone to a TV Screen? 

You can connect your iPhone to your TV screen to play video content like movies, games, shows, etc. Here is how you can connect an iPhone to a TV in different ways.

Connect iPhone to TV Using an HDMI Cable

The easiest method to connect an iPhone to TV is using an HDMI adaptor cable. An HDMI cord connects your iPhone device to your TV. You can use the Syncwire HDMI Cable to connect your phone with your TV screen. Syncwire HDMI cable is made up of 24K Gold connectors and premium material making them high speed, high quality, and ultra-durable.

connect iphone with TV using HDMI cable

Follow the guide mentioned below to connect your iPhone to your TV with an HDMI cable. 

Step 1 – Connect HDMI Cable to TV

Enter the HDMI connector in the HDMI port located on the back or at the side of your TV screen.

Step 2 – Connect HDMI Port to Lightning Adaptor

Plug the other end of the cable into your lightning digital AV adaptor. 

Step 3 – Connect the Lightning Adaptor To iPhone

Connect the lightning adaptor to your iPhone by inserting the lightning end in the charging port of your iPhone.

Step 4 – Change TV Input

Once the cable is connected to both the devices, change the TV input to HDMI. A prompt to “Trust the Device” will appear on your iPhone screen. Click on “Trust” and if the device asks for a passcode, enter your iPhone passcode.

Step 5 – View iPhone Screen on TV

Now the iPhone screen will be connected to the TV.

Note: If the screen remains black after connection download a screencast app from the AppStore.

Connect iPhone to TV using Apple TV

Since 2007, Apple has been selling a device under the name “Apple TV”. Recently this name has taken on a new meaning, especially with Apple’s dive into creating TV shows. Apple now has an Apple TV device, an Apple TV app, and Apple TV+. Apple TV+ is an online streaming service for Apple users for content created by Apple. The Apple TV app works with the Apple TV device that plays visual and audio content on a connected TV screen.

Connect iPhone to TV using Apple TV

Here is how you can connect your iPhone to your TV using an Apple TV device.

Step 1 – Connect the Devices

Connect your Apple TV device with a TV using an HDMI port.

Step 2 – Connect to Power

Connect one end of the power cord to the power port on your Apple TV and the other end to a power outlet.

Step 3 – Select HDMI Input and Set-Up

Select the HDMI input connected to the Apple TV. Now, set up Apple TV on your TV by following the instructions to set internet connection and other requirements.

Connect with Wireless Connection using Apple TV App

Apple TV app is also a streaming service by Apple. It allows you to watch original Apple content along with content from other streaming services.

Connect with Wireless Connection using Apple TV App

Step 1 – Connect Wi-Fi

Once the Apple TV device is set up with your TV, you can connect Apple TV App over a wireless connection. Connect your iPhone device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.

Step 2 – Enable Screen Mirroring

Open the control center and tap on ‘Screen Mirroring’. Select the name of your smart TV and enter the passcode on the TV screen into your iPhone. 

Step 3 – Start Streaming

This will connect the two devices, and Your TV screen will mirror your iPhone screen. You can view anything playing on your phone, directly on your TV.

Connect iPhone to TV Using AirPlay

AirPlay allows wireless streaming between different devices. AirPlay can also be used to connect a TV screen with the iPhone. Here is how you can use AirPlay to connect the two screens.

Connect iPhone to TV Using AirPlay

Follow this step-by-step guide to connect the TV to iPhone with AirPlay.

Step 1 – Go to Screen Mirroring

For iPhone X or later version, and iPad running on iOS 12 or above, swipe down from the upper-right corner to go to the Control Center. For other Apple devices, swipe up for Control Center. Here you will find “Screen Mirroring”.

Step 2 – Select TV

Select Airplay and then select your TV screen. 

Step 3 – Enter Passcode

On your iOS device, enter the four-digit passcode appearing on the TV screen. Now, your iPhone will be connected to your TV.


Now show off your iPhone photos, videos, and other visual content on a larger screen. connect your iPhone to a big-screen TV through the different methods mentioned in this article.

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