How to Connect the iPhone 12 Apple CarPlay to My Car?

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Your shiny new Apple iPhone 12 and your car will soon become best friends forever in a manner of minutes with our easy-to-follow guide. 

For those lucky enough to already own a car with Apple CarPlay included, you’re surely in for a treat, as your ride has never been more high-tech, with integrated communication, improved entertainment and the always helpful voice of Siri at your disposal.

Though technology and connectivity have improved beyond our wildest expectations in recent years, there are still a few challenges to overcome when setting things up for the first time. The good news is that even that task has never been made more straightforward than now.

You’ll find two options available when connecting your iPhone 12 to your car, depending on whether you would like to proceed wireless or via a USB connection.

Configuring the iPhone 12 Apple CarPlay Wirelessly

Let’s focus on this first of all – not all cars will let you process a wireless configuration, with most only allowing a cabled connection for safety reasons.

If, however, your car supports wireless CarPlay connectivity, all you need to do is press the voice command button on your car’s driving wheel to initiate the configuration process. At the same time, ensure that the wireless “pairing” mode is active, which may include activating the Bluetooth function on your iPhone 12.

On the iPhone screen, head to Settings > General > CarPlay > Available Cars, where you’ll be prompted to select your vehicle. Wait for the connection to take place, and congratulations, your iPhone, and your car are now acquainted.

In some models, the CarPlay menu may come up immediately once the iPhone is present, making the pairing process even simpler.

It’s important to realize from the start that some cars won’t allow you to use wireless pairing mainly for safety reasons. This leads you to connect your iPhone 12 to your car via its usual USB charging cable, or a Lighting to USB cable. If it seems too complicated, worry not, as we’ve got you covered fyrther ahead.   

Configuring the iPhone 12 Apple CarPlay by USB Cable

Even though technology is becoming increasingly wireless, the traditional approach is still reliable and straightforward in today’s world.

Having a cable connection in place ensures no unauthorized person will be able to access your infotainment system.

Since this step is often only used for the first setup, both car and phone will recognize each other wirelessly from there onwards, leaving you to enjoy the very best both have to offer.

The configuration itself requires you to connect a USB cable from your iPhone 12 that is compatible with your car – very often a USB-C port in most recent models, with USB-A ports on older models.

The most reliable approach is using a Lightning to USB cable, widely available at a very affordable price, with particular importance for the certification and quality of the item.

Can Cheap Cables Affect App Performance?

Yes, they can and more often than most people think.

Even though your iPhone 12 is packed with exciting and highly technological features, you may come across a few issues when using CarPlay Connection over a cable that was a great deal but doesn’t meet the MFi certification standards.

Many users have reported faults when connecting their phones to their car over a cheap cable to find that there were sync issues and overall malfunction.

With so many excellent alternatives available, such as Syncwire’s range of cables, there is no need to break the bank to ensure a high-quality, certified option is present.

As tempting as it may seem to opt for the savings of buying a cheap cable, the best course of action is to always rely on quality Lightning Cables with an MFi certification that ensures it meets the manufacturer’s highest standards.

Troubleshooting an iPhone 12 Connection Issue

Every so often, you may find connectivity issues, especially if you don’t plan to use an MFi certified cable.

Very often, users will find their CarPlay logo greyed out for no apparent reason, leading them to start the setup process from the start. If that’s the case, head to the iPhone CarPlay settings and select “forget this car.” Restart the configuration process, as stated above.

A few issues with green lines on the screen have also been reported to derive from the use of cheap cables, along with slow charging times. All of these tend to vanish with the use of a quality cable.

Since many of the issue’s users face tend to come from using a charging cable from a previous model or a cheap compatible cable, it’s essential to consider a certified and high-quality cable along with the new iPhone 12.

Ultimately, it will result in a much simpler and flawless experience that you can truly enjoy.


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