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How to Connect Your iPhone to Xbox 360?


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Have an intense gaming session with your buddies but short on a controller? Here is the hidden trick: your iPhone can also serve as a controller for the console. What’s even better? You don’t have to be a tech genius to connect iPhone to Xbox! Today, we will tell you two easy ways to connect iPhone to Xbox 360 without any hassle. 

1. Connect iPhone to Xbox 360 Using Xbox App

Follow this step-by-step guide mentioned below:

Step 1 – Enable Personal Hotspot

Enable the personal hotspot on your iPhone. For this, go to the Settings Menu and tap on Personal Hotspot. Tap on the toggle to turn on the personal hotspot

Turn on personal hotspot

Step 2 – Turn on Bluetooth

Now go to Bluetooth in the Settings app and turn on Bluetooth.

Turn on the bluetooth

Step 3 – Download Xbox App

Download the Xbox App from the App Store. Once the app is installed, sign in with your Xbox account. 

Download Xbox App

Step 4 – Update Console Settings

Once the app has been installed on the main page of the Xbox console and goes to System Settings > Console Settings

Update the console settings

Step 5 – Connect iPhone to Xbox 360

Now you should be able to see your iPhone on the Connected Devices. Select your iPhone to establish the connection. 

Connect iPhone to Xbox 360

Step 6 – Connect iPhone to Xbox 360 on App

On the other hand, go to the Xbox App and tap on the left corner of the app. Tap on “Console”. Your iPhone will search for a nearby Xbox connected via hotspot. Select your Xbox and tap “Connect to Your Xbox 360” to connect both devices. 

Connect iPhone to Xbox 360 on App

That’s it! This is how you can connect an iPhone to Xbox using the Xbox App. 

Note: Your iPhone and Xbox should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network with an efficient speed otherwise the devices will not connect. slow network speed will weaken the personal hotspot connection. 

2. Connect iPhone to Xbox 360 Using USB Cable 

There is another old but very simple method to connect an iPhone to Xbox 360 i.e.: using a USB cable. However, it is only suitable if you want to play music. The Apple iPhone comes with AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format, allowing you to connect your iPhone to your Xbox 360 to play music files via a USB connection. 

Here is how you can connect an iPhone to Xbox 360 with a USB cable

Connect iPhone to Xbox 360 using USB cable

Step 1 – Sign in and Update 

Follow these steps to sign and update: 

  1. Turn on your Xbox 360 and sign in with your Xbox Live profile. To do this, press the “X” button on your controller and select “Sign in to Profile”.
  2. Now, Press “A” to sign in.
  3. Move the left stick on the controller and select “Game Marketplace”.
  4. Press “A” on the controller and select “O” from the alphabetical list.
  5. Now, select “Optional Media Update” and press “A” again.

Step 2 – Sign in Again and Connect iPhone 

Restart your Xbox 360 and sign in with your Xbox Live profile again. Now connect your iPhone to Xbox using a USB to lightning cable. Insert the USB end of the cable into your Xbox 360’s USB port and plug the lightning end into your iPhone’s charging port. Once the iPhone is connected, Xbox 360 will automatically detect your iPhone. 

Note: Use Syncwire lightning cable that can tolerate 12000+ bends. Unlike Apple’s original lightning cable, Syncwire cables do not break or split easily and can withstand aggressive abuse. 

Step 3 – Play Music 

Use the left stick on the controller and go to “Music”. Now, press “A” to select it. Go to “Portable Device” and a list of playable AAC audio files will appear. You can choose the songs you want to hear by selecting and pressing on “A” to play the track from your iPhone. 


Now connect your iPhone to Xbox 360 in just a few easy steps and enjoy gaming with your friends. 

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