How to Connect Your iPhone to Your Car?

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People want to connect their iPhone to their car for multiple reasons like playing music, charging, navigation, calls, etc. Here are some simple ways to connect your iPhone to your car. 

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Method 1: Connect Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used for exchanging data between devices present in a close vicinity.  Nowadays, every mobile device comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection including iPhone and car stereo systems. Thus, you can connect your iPhone to your car via Bluetooth.

Connect Using Bluetooth

Follow these steps to connect your iPhone to a car with Bluetooth wireless connection.

Step 1 – Enable Wireless on Car

Turn on the wireless or Bluetoothmode of your car stereo.

Step 2 – Enable Bluetooth on iPhone

Go to iPhone Settings > Bluetooth, and turn on Bluetooth.

Step 3 – Pair the Devices

Now pair your iPhone with your car. One the pairing is done; both the devices will be connected to each other.

Method 2: Connect Using Audio Aux Cable

Aux is a standard communication port to connect your phone to your car for audio sync. You can use an aux cable like Syncwire aux to connect your iPhone to your car. Syncwire has two different aux cables for iPhone users:

  1. The Syncwire iPhone Aux Adapter – This is a Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter that allows you to plug and play on the go. It is super durable, lightweight and tangle-free. 
  2. The Syncwire Nylon Braided Aux Cable– this is nylon cable with a strong and sturdy design to outlast 15000+ bends.
Connect Using Audio Aux Cable

Follow these steps to connect your iPhone to your car using audio aux.

Step 1 – Connect Aux to Car

Plug one end of theaux cable into the aux port in your car’s stereo system.  

Step 2 – Connect Aux To iPhone

Connect the other end of the auxcable to the headphone jack on your iPhone.

Step 3 – Select Aux Mode

Select the Aux mode to play iPhone audio on your car speakers.

Note: The Aux cable only transfers the audio from iPhone to the system. it will not provide any controls to use the iPhone. You’ll have to manually use your iPhone or enable smart assistance i.e. Siri.

Method 3: Connect Using Lightning Cable

the Lightning connector is a cable that connects Apple mobile devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods to other devices like PC, USB battery chargers, cameras etc. You can Use Syncwire lightning cable nylon to connect your iPhone to your car. Unlike normal lightning cables, Syncwire cables are very durable and have a 30000+ bend life due to the nylon casing paired and bullet-proof fiber.

Connect Using Lightning Cable

Follow these steps to connect your iphone to your car using a lightning cable.

Step 1 – Connect Cable to Car

Plug the lightningcable into the car’s USB port.  

Step 2 – Connect Cable To iPhone

Connect the other end of the lightning cable into the charging port of the iPhone. 

Step 3 – Use Device

The lightning cable will connect your device to your car for charging, navigation, playing music etc.

Method 4: Connect via Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is an application integrated into the infotainment system of a car. CarPlay allows drivers to use their iPhone or iPads easily and safely while driving. CarPlay is built0-in in newer car models. It allows you to navigate, make calls, receive and send messages, listen to music etc.  If your car has Apple CarPlay, you will experience an enhanced iOS-like experience while driving.

Connect via Apple CarPlay

Here is how you can use Apple CarPlay to connect iPhone to Car.

Step 1 – Connect iPhone to Car

Connect your iPhone with the car’s stereo system. You can do that either with a lightning cable or via Bluetooth – depending upon the car’s model.

Step 2 – Set Up Car Play

CarPlay will launch automatically when your iPhone is connected. Once the iPhone is connected to the car, set up CarPlay. After setting up CarPlay, enable apple CarPlay for your car. 

Step 3 – Use Phone

Now your iPhone is synced with your car. You can directly use different features of your iPhone on your car’s monitor screen. You can control different functions of your iPhone while driving, without using the phone.

Having trouble setting up CarPlay for your car? Here is a detailed guide on how to set up car play for iPhone 12.


Connecting an iPhone to a car is not a difficult job. Any iPhone can be connected to a car’s stereo system using one of the methods mentioned in this article. The connection process will vary depending upon the kind of car and the infotainment system the car includes.  Just figure out which one method is the most suitable and convenient for your car!

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