How To Convert a Video Into a Live Photo

convert video into a live photo

The introduction of the live photos feature has boosted photography in smartphones. We can convert a video intro to a live photo

In case you didn’t know, live Photos are short snippets that move once you open them and can be used as phone wallpapers.  But in case you’ve static wallpaper on your phone, you can also make a video of your wallpaper.

Although neither Android nor iPhone has a built-in feature to convert a video into a live video, we can still do it with the help of some third-party applications. Let’s see how to go about it.

Steps on How To Make A Video A Live Photo on iPhone Using intoLive

Here are some simple steps to make a video into a live photo on iPhone via the third-party app intoLive:

Step 1

Open the App Store, search for intoLive and download the app. 

Search for the intoLive-Live Wallpapers app

Step 2

Launch the app on your iPhone and allow it to access your photos.

 Click allow access to all the photos

Step 3

Select the video that you would like to convert into a live photo. 

Tap on your video

Step 4

Now, edit the video with the available editing tools, like trimming, adding filters, speed adjustment, rotation, etc. After editing, tap Make on the top right corner of the screen. 

 Edit the video and click Make

Step 5

You can also repeat the live photo more than once with the paid version of intoLive. Tap No Repeat if you want to enjoy the free version. 

Step 5: Tap No Repeat

Step 6

After you are done, tap Save Live Photo at the bottom to save the photo in your gallery. 

 Tap save live photos

In 6 simple steps using a third-party app, you can easily convert a video into a live photo. That’s how simple it is!

Steps For Converting A Video to A Live Photo on Android Using Video Live Wallpaper App

Below you will find steps to convert a video into a live photo on Android using the Video Live Wallpaper app. 

Step 1

Open the Playstore on your phone, search for Video Live Wallpaper and install it. 

 Install Video Wallpapers app

Step 2 

Launch the app on your phone and select Choose Video and allow access to your media files. After this, scroll through the album to select the video you want to convert. 

Choose video

 Video Resource:

Click Allow to access the video

Step 3

Edit your video according to preference with the available editing tools. Once done, click the picture-shaped icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

Click the top right corner icon

Step 4

Click on Set as Wallpaper in the bottom of the screen to change your wallpaper to the live photo. 

Set Live Photo as your Wallpaper

Now wasn’t that easy? 

Just 4 steps and you’ve got yourself an amazing live wallpaper!

We hope this guide will be helpful for you to convert a video into a live photo. 

For more such articles related to iPhones, head over to our blog, and make your iPhone experience a breeze!


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