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How To Delete All Photos From iPhone

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When the iPhone is short on space, the first thing people do is head over to Photos and delete extra images or transfer them to their PC that may take up all the space. Here are simple steps on How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to a Windows 10 PC. One reason for this is that Apple users have the advantage of clearing all their albums and still be able to view their images via the Cloud app. 

With this perk, they can easily make space on their phone without losing a single picture. However, since Apple does not offer a “Select All” option to its users, deleting pictures in one go is not possible. Pictures have to be selected manually, or you can employ a simple trick to select them in one shot.

Steps to Delete All Photos From iPhone

Here’s the secret of selecting and deleting multiple images in one go!

Step 1

On your iPhone, go to ”Photos > Albums.”

Albums tab on iPhone

Step 2

In “My Albums,” tap and select the “All Photos” album or any specific album.

Open the Album

Step 3

Tap on the picture at the bottom and then, without lifting your finger, slide all the way to the left and then scroll to the top of the screen. Let your finger stay at the top in the upper left corner as the photos get selected when the screen scrolls down. 

Slide the finger to the upper left corner

Step 4

After all the pictures are selected, tap the trash icon in the lower right corner—Tap “Delete #### items” to confirm and clear the album. 

Your album will now be clear, and all images will be deleted.

Confirm delete to clear the album

But what if you delete an image accidentally and want to restore it? We have a tutorial for that too!

How to Recover Deleted Images on an iPhone

Once you delete images from your iPhone, they don’t get removed from your device instantly. Instead, they get transferred to the “Recently Deleted Folder.” To restore them, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

Open “Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted Photos.”

Step 1: Go to "Photos"
Select "Recently deleted".

Step 2

Select the images you want to restore. You will see 2 options at the bottom, “Delete” or “Recover.” Click on “Recover.”

Step 2: Select the photos, you want to recover.

Step 3

You will get a prompt to “Recover ## Photos” or “Cancel.”

Step 3: Click on "Recover ###photos"

Step 4

Click on the first option to transfer the images back to “Photos.”

However, if you want to delete images from your iPhone permanently, you can click on “Delete” in the 2nd step. 

if you want to delete images from your iPhone permanently, you can click on “Delete” in the 2nd step.

Here, we’d like to add that if your phone is synced with iCloud, the photos you delete on your iPhone will be deleted from iCloud as well. But, if you’re deleting images just for the sake of freeing up space on your device, you can save your images on iCloud and then turn off syncing before deleting them from your phone. 

Let me show you how to go about the whole process:

How to Save and Delete Photos on iCloud

To save your photos on iCloud, you will have to sync your device with iCloud. Following are the steps for it.

Step 1

Open the “Settings” of your iPhone and click on your Apple ID.

Step 1: Go to "Settings" and open Apple ID.

Step 2

Now click on “iCloud > Photos” and turn the toggle on for “iCloud Photos.”

Step 2: Click on “iCloud > Photos”
Turn the toggle on for "iCloud Photos".

Now, all your images will be synced with iCloud. 

To delete images directly from iCloud:

Step 1

Go to iCloud’s website and log in to your account.

Step 2

Now, go to “Photos” and select the ones you want to delete.

Step 3

Click on the trashcan icon to delete selected images.

Step 3: Click on the trashcan icon to delete selected images.

See how a simple trick solved all your storage issues!

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