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How To Delete, Disable and Reactivate An Instagram Account From an iPhone

how to delete or disable instagram on iPhone

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Instagram gained popularity in a quick span of time. With attractive pictures, and full of glitz and glamour, Instagram takes away the important moments in life and stores them in a virtual space. 

However, at times it feels that there is a lot of glitz and no real substance making this space toxic instead of a relief. 

This is where people often feel the urge to disconnect themselves from it and delete or disable their accounts. 

Fortunately, erasing Instagram Alt-text or disabling your account is a quick and simple process, and reactivating it is even easier. 

We will go through the steps on how to delete an Instagram account on iPhone, we will also learn how to disable or reactivate it.

Step By Step Guide on how to delete Instagram account on iPhone

Instagram accounts can not be deleted via the app. Therefore, you have to use a browser to do so. 

Here are 3 easy steps to delete your Instagram account via browser:

Step 1

Launch the browser on your PC and open Instagram web. Login to the account you wish to delete. 

Instagram Web Log In: how to delete Instagram account on iPhone

Step 2

Once logged in, go to the delete your account page on the web. Instagram will ask you the reason for deleting your account; from a drop-down menu, select a relevant reason. 

Instagram- Delete Your Account: how to delete Instagram account on iPhone

Step 3

Next, you will be asked to rewrite your password. Type in the password and click the Delete Account button. This will remove all your previous and current data to date and delete the account. 

Deleting Account on Instagram: how to delete Instagram account on iPhone

However, if you don’t want to permanently delete your account, and instead want to take a break from Instagram for a few days, you also have the option to disable your account temporarily.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Disable Instagram Account

By following these simple steps, you can temporarily disable your Instagram account

Step 1

Log in to your Instagram account from a PC browser and click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the page. 

how to delete Instagram account on iPhone

Step 2

This will open the “Edit Profile” menu. Scroll down and cick on the “Temporarily Disable my Account” option. 

Click on temporary disable: how to delete, disable Instagram account on iPhone

Step 3

Now, select a relevant reason to disable your account, enter your password, and click on the “Temporarily Disable Account” button.

Click on temporary disable: how to delete, disable Instagram account on iPhone

And that’s how you can disable your Instagram account in 3 easy steps.

If you change your mind and want to get back to the world of Instagram, you can easily reactivate your account. Here’s how:

Steps to Reactivate your Instagram Account

Unlike deleting and disabling your Instagram account, you can easily reactivate your account through the mobile app. 

Following are the steps to do so:

Step 1

Launch the Instagram mobile app.

Step 2

Enter your login details and sign in to your account.

And that’s all! No browser required! You simply have to log in to your account to activate it.

However, this will not work if you have permanently deleted your Instagram account.


In case you want a break from Instagram but are unsure about deleting your account you can always disable it with Instagram’s account disability option. This will temporarily disable your account and make it recoverable for future use. However, if you have made up your mind, then deleting the account is a simple process. Just follow through these simple steps and bid farewell to the app, disable it or reactivate it. 

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