How to Delete Photos from iCloud?

how to delete photos from icloud

Although you may not think about iCloud very often, its automatic backups of your most crucial data make it a handy tool. Your device syncs every photo and video you take on your iPhone or iPad to iCloud by default, where you have roughly 5 GB of free storage, which soon fills up. As a result, you may need to delete some of those photos to free up space.

This guide will explain how to delete photos from iCloud if you are uneasy entrusting your photos to any cloud service or if you simply don’t want to pay for iCloud storage any longer. You can also delete all photos from your iPhone.

Let’s look at the two ways to delete photos from your iCloud storage.

How to Delete Photos from iCloud Using an iPhone or iPad

Using Photos, you may effortlessly delete a single photo or a limited selection of photos synced to iCloud. However, keep in mind that this will also wipe them from your device.

Step 1:

Open the Photos app and search for the photo you wish to remove.

Step 2:

To delete a single photo, hold it down until a pop-up menu displays, then press “Delete.”

When you tap and hold a photo, a pop-up menu appears with the option to remove it

Step 3:

To erase multiple photos at once, go to the top right corner of the screen and tap “Select,” then tap each photo you wish to delete. Tap the trash can symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen after you’re finished.

Select multiple photos to delete and tap the trash icon at the bottom of the screen

Step 4:

Finally, when you remove one or more images, they vanish from all your other connected devices as well as the iCloud website.

But, what if you only want to erase a few or all of your images from iCloud without simultaneously deleting them from your iPhone or iPad? Here’s what to do in such a case:

How to Delete Photos from iCloud without Removing them from your iOS Devices

To delete photos from iCloud without removing them from your iOS device, you will have to disable iCloud Photos syncing. 

Here are the steps for the whole process:

Step 1:

On your devices, go to “Settings >Photos.”

Step 2:

Swipe the “iCloud Photos” button to the left to turn it off. 

To stop syncing photos, toggle the iCloud Photos to the left

Step 3:

Carry on with this procedure for any other iOS devices you’ve linked to that Apple ID account. When you turn off iCloud Photos, each of your devices’ photo collections will be managed separately.

Step 4:

Go to and sign in with your Apple ID if you haven’t already.

Step 5:

Select “Photos” and perform one of the following actions:

  • To delete one or a small group of photos, press and hold the “Ctrl” or “Command” key on your keyboard, then click each photo. Then, at the top-right of the page, click the trash can icon.
  • Press “Ctrl + A” or “Command + A” on the keyboard, then click the trash can icon to erase your entire iCloud photo collection.
You can either delete a few photos at a time or all of them at once

Any selected images will be deleted from iCloud; however, your other devices’ photos will remain intact.

Final Words

That’s it! Now you know the two ways of how to delete photos from iCloud. It can be useful if you’re looking to free up iCloud storage or simply get rid of old memories. The good part is that you can delete photos from iCloud while still keeping them on your iPhone or other iOS devices. If you want to recover all deleted photos, here are complete instructions on how to recover all deleted photos from your iPhone.

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