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How To Make Your Phone Charge Faster

iphone charge faster

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Ever had to step out without your phone just because the battery wasn’t sufficient? Surprisingly, all of us have experienced this at some point. 

However, by the end of this article, you will learn how to make your phone charge faster and retain the battery for a longer time. Also, here is a complete guide on 5 Things You Don’t Know About Your Phone Charger.

Tips To Charge Your Phone Faster

Here are some practical tips that will boost the charging process and recharge your phone in less time. 

1. Activate Airplane Mode

One way to charge your phone faster is to switch the phone to Airplane mode. This will stop you from surfing the web, making calls, and using Bluetooth – decreasing your phone’s activity. As a result, less power will be wasted, pop up and the phone will charge faster.

To activate Airplane mode, slide up from the bottom of your iPhone. Tap on “Airplane Mode” from the menu that appears to activate it. 

Turn on Aero Plane mode

2. Turn Off Your Phone

A better way than switching to Airplane Mode is to turn off your phone completely. As the phone activities come to a halt, all the charging is directed to the battery, thus, speedy charging!

To turn off your phone, press the right side button of your iPhone for 10 seconds. A pop-up will appear from where you can turn off your phone.

Slide to power off

However, this may not be an ideal method, since turning off the phone means not receiving any calls or messages.

3. Wall Charger

The ideal and suggested way to charge a phone is using the wall chargers that come packaged along with the smartphone. The companies themselves manufacture these chargers and work better since they have a more robust AMP output that suits your phone. 

If you do not have a wall charger, you can get the Syncwire USB C charger and Multiple Charger Adapter that is ultra-fast and provides power 2.5 times faster than the standard cable. 

With the intelligent chip inside, the adapter automatically matches the device’s power and provides safe charging. 

Besides, Syncwire chargers are sleek and universally compatible, making them a stylish and go-to choice for everyone. 

4. Heavy-Duty Fast Charging Cable

If the manufacturer-approved wall chargers do not get the job done fast enough, invest in a heavy-duty fast charging cable, like the Syncwire Micro USB charging cable

These are 23-gauge cables capable of carrying 2.4 amp – 4 times the power of a standard cable. The heavy-duty wires resist impedance and allow a faster charging rate. 

Besides, they are perfectly compatible with a wide range of phones, and the triple-braided covering makes it ideal for heavy daily use. 

5. Get A Portable Charger/Power Bank

In a situation when your phone’s battery is dying and you fail to find a power outlet nearby, using a portable charger is the way to go. 

Portable chargers are large batteries that store power and help in charging phones on the go. 

These banks are a lifesaver, especially when you are stuck in an emergency with the phone battery dying quickly. 

Now that you know ways of charging the phone faster read on to learn some tips that will help you conserve the battery for longer. 

If your phone is charging slow and you want to fix it, here is the reasons and solution on Why your phone is charging slow and how to fix it.

Tricks For Slowing the Discharging of an iPhone

Earlier, we discussed ways of charging your phone faster. Now, let’s have a look at some tricks to slow down the discharging process.

1. Keep the Phone Cool

The discharging rate considerably increases when the phone is hot. Avoid keeping your phone in direct sunlight or areas with a temperature greater than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When exposed to heat, the battery’s storage capability is affected; therefore, affecting the phone’s performance too. 

iPhone needs to cool down

2. Check Up With The Battery Maintenance

Battery maintenance is quite important for retaining the charging for a longer period, especially for Apple users. Keeping a check and maintaining the battery will result in better battery life. 

There are two ways that this can be done. 

  • Drain the phone’s battery at least once a month. According to Apple, to maintain the health of lithium-based batteries, it is necessary to allow a flow of electrons occasionally. So, charge the phone 100% and then allow the battery to run down to zero. 
  • Clean their lightning port. Instead of complaining about how slow the phone is charging, check if any lint or dust has accumulated inside the lightning port. 

The collected debris resists the charging process and decreases battery health. 

Power off your phone, and with a cotton bud or toothpick, gently scrape any material buildup in the port. 

3. Optimize Your Settings

The best way to preserve the battery charging is by adjusting the basic settings like Wi-Fi and brightness. 

In case you are not using the Internet, turn the Wi-Fi off. Try using Wi-Fi instead of data, as the latter takes up more energy. 

Besides this, dim your screen or turn on the auto-brightness to adjust the screen light according to the phone’s battery. 

4. Enable Low Power Mode

Introduced to iOS 9 and further, this feature is an easy and effective way of saving charging when it starts to run down. Switching to Low Power Mode reduces the screen brightness, minimizes system animation, and disables background downloading from apps. Features like Airdrop, iCloud, and Continuity will also be blocked till the phone is high on the power again. 

The low power mode can easily be switched on by going to:

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode 

Click on Battery
Enable low power mode

5. Get The Latest Software Updates

Apple keeps on updating the software and introducing advanced energy-saving technologies. So make sure that the phone is always up to date and has the latest version of iOS. 

If you are using iOS 5 or later, go to “Settings > General > Software Update” to see if a system update is available. 

Go to “Settings > General.
Tap on Software Update.
Turn on "Automatic Updates".

6. Optimize Battery Life

By checking the battery usage of each app, you can easily manage your phone’s battery life. You might not be using an app at times, but the battery is still getting consumed due to the background activities, location, and cellular services. 

To optimize the battery life to maximum, turn on the Airplane Mode to restrict any cellular or location activity. If that is not feasible, turn off the location services by going to “Settings > Privacy > Location Settings.” and turning the toggle off for the location for all the apps. 

Besides this, you can also restrict the background activity of apps, so no energy is wasted on background downloads and app refreshes. Turn it off by going to the “Settings > General > Background App Refresh.” Select off to completely restrict any activity. 

7. Keep The Computer On

When charging the phone with a PC, make sure that the computer is turned on and plugged in. The charging will start to drain if the device is connected to a computer in standby or sleep mode. 

Wrap Up

These tips will surely be an effective way of making the most out of your phone’s charging time and ensure that you never have to head out with a dying battery again. If the phone runs down or is discharging quickly with no power outlet nearby, the tips for saving the battery can come in handy. 

For more informative articles related to iPhone issues, visit our blog.

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