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How to Prevent iPhone Charging Cable from Breaking?


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How to Prevent iPhone Charging Cable from Breaking?

iPhones are popular for their sleek and premium design, with strong and robust aluminum and glass body. Yet the charging cables are not so durable. Nearly every iPhone user has complained about the charger splitting, breaking, or not working after only a few weeks of use. Some iPhone users also complain about broken cables that are stuck inside iPhone charging ports and they found it difficult to remove them.

If only you could somehow prevent your charging cable from breaking… Well, there are plenty of ways to do so!

broken iPhone charger cables

How Do I Keep My Charger Cable from Breaking?

Due to normal abuse like bending, twisting, or pulling, iPhone charging cables often fray or split. Frayed cables are not only more susceptible to damage but can also be dangerous to use. Sometimes we’re using Fake lightning cables and haven’t any idea about the cable’s originality. These do not only break easily but also affect iPhone charging.

Whether you are using a USB cable or Lightning cable with an iPhone, you should know how to protect your iPhone charger.

Here is how you can keep your iPhone charging cables last much longer.

1. Loop the Cable

Never throw the charging cable in your drawer or bag after use. Fold the cable neatly to avoid twists and tangles. Some people often fold the cable in a coil and tie it in a knot; that’s not good either. This bends the cable and will lead to splitting. The ideal approach is to loop the cable and tuck each end into the loop.

Loop the Cable

2. Connect and Remove the Charger Carefully

The iPhone charger cables are delicate so you need to handle them with care. Don’t yank or pull the cable when disconnecting the charger. Similarly, don’t force the pin into the charging port. If you are not careful then you will break the cable and the broken iPhone charger can get stuck in your iPhone. Hence, gently insert and remove the pin to avoid breakage.

Connect and Remove the Charger Carefully

3. Avoid Excessive Bending

Bends are one of the most common reasons for iPhone charging cable breaking.  Sometimes the cables get squashed or bent by tension, gravity, furniture, etc. Thus, the point connecting the plug to the cable gets damaged when you accidentally jam against it. Moreover, stretching the charger down or adding tension to it also leads to frays. So, make sure the cable is always lying as flat and straight as possible.

Avoid Excessive Bending

4. Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging

Never use your iPhone when it’s charging. This does not only reduce the battery life but also extra tension to the cable. When you use your phone while it is charging, the cable bends and flexes as the phone moves around. This damages the connector as well as the cable itself. So, just wait for a little for your phone to charge, and then you can scroll Instagram as much as you want.

Don't Use Your Phone While Charging

5. Get A Reinforced Charging Cable

Now an easy way to protect the charger cord is to invest in a strong and sturdy one. Instead of using the original iPhone cable, buy Syncwire reinforced lightning cables. Anodized aluminum heads for the connectors do not crush or break and nylon braided cover with bullet-proof fiber, gives it a 30000+ bend lifetime.

syncwire lightning cable

3 Gadgets to Protect Your Charging Cable from Breaking

While handling and using your charging cable with care does prevent it from breaking easily, there are different gadgets put there to increase the lifespan of your charging cord. 

Here are three useful gadgets to protect your charger cable from breaking:

Cable Clips

Cable clips are super handy and useful to secure cabling and wires. They are basically a cable management tool used to keep the cable straight and avoid any bending.

Cable Clips

Syncwire cable clips help you to organize your charging cables and wires to avoid tension, twists, tangles, and bends. These cable organizers use German 3M stickers, so you can place these clips around your desk, switchboard, TV, filing, or cabinet as they can attach to any surface like wood, plastic, glass, tiles, etc.

Phone Stands

If you are obsessed with your phone and can’t even put it down to charge, then use your phone on a phone stand holder. This will keep the charging cable from bending or twisting as it normally does when you use your phone while charging.

Phone Stands

You can charge your phone easily with the phone stand as it stands high from the desk. As this stand is made up of high-quality aluminum, it reduces any imbalances so your phone is in steady hands. Moreover, you can adjust this stand to 180 degrees to give you the perfect angle for comfortable viewing.

Wireless Charger

Another way to avoid your iPhone charger cable from breaking is to use a charger with no cables! Invest in a good quality wireless charger because if there are no cables then you won’t have to worry about bending, twisting, or fraying it. 

Wireless Charger


Follow the tips mentioned in this article to keep your iPhone cable from breaking. Or, better yet, invest in a strong and sturdy cable so you don’t have to worry about bending or twisting your cable and enhancing your everyday experience!

For other queries related to various iPhone features, check out our blog. 

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