How to Screen Record on Your iPhone 12?

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Screen recording is the video version of a screenshot. If you want to show something on your iPhone 12 to someone on the other side of the screen, the screen recorder allows you to capture your screen as you see it in a video. 

This feature is not only available in iPhone 12 but also in iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max. 

How to Set Up the Screen Recorder on Your iPhone 12?

In the iPhone series, the screen recording feature does not show in the control center by default. Following are the steps to add the screen recorder to your control center.

1. Go to “Settings”.


2. Click on “Control Centre”.


3. Scroll down to the “More Controls” section and tap on the + sign present before “Screen Recording”.


4. This will add the screen recording function to the control center. You can also change the position of the screen recorder by dragging it up or down.


How to Record your Screen on iPhone 12?

Apple gives you two choices when it comes to screen recording. These are mentioned as follows. 

Built-in Screen Recording Feature

All iPhones have a built-in screen recorder which makes screen recording extremely easy and efficient. However, it is not present in the control center by default and requires to be added manually. After setting up the control center, you are ready to start your screen recording.  

● How to Record Screen Without Audio on iPhone 12?

Sometimes, your requirement might only be to record a video without audio. For this purpose, follow the steps given below.

1. Swipe down from the top right.

2. Tap on the screen recorder.


3. It will do a short countdown and then the recording will start.


4. Once the recording starts, you can do whatever you want. The time appears on the top left corner of the screen.


5. Once you are done with your task, tap on the time and your recording will stop.

6. Your recording will be saved in “Photos”. To view your recording, go to “Photos” and hit play.


7. You can share, delete, or edit it as per your requirement.

● How to Record Screen With Audio on iPhone 12? 

Many times, you have the requirement of video as well as audio recording such as when you have to walk somebody through something. For this purpose, you need to turn on your microphone. The steps for screen recording along with audio are pretty much the same as recording without audio. There is only one additional step as follows.

● If you wish to turn on the microphone too then hold down the screen recording icon. A pop up will appear. 


● Tap on the mic to turn it on. Then tap on “Start Recording” to start the recording. 


Apps for Screen Recording

In case of the built-in screen recorder being faulty or not being up to your requirement, you have the option to install other apps for screen recording such as QuickTime, ScreenFlow, ApowerREC from their websites or you could also install other apps on your iPhone such as Record it! from the App Store. 

Record it! is a mobile app which is very helpful if you want to screen record while playing heavy games such as PUBG, COD, etc. However, there are way more advanced and accessible screen capture apps such as QuickTime, ScreenFlow, and ApowerREC which allow you to record your iPhone screen via Mac. This can be done by plugging in your iPhone with the computer.  

QuickTime Player

QuickTime is a media player developed by Apple Inc. which allows you to format videos, pictures, sound as well as screen record. It can be downloaded for free for macOS as well as Windows from this site

QuickTime Player

To run QuickTime, you must have the MAC OSX Yosemite version at least. After installing the QuickTime media player, you can use the screen capture feature by:

● Plugging in your iPhone and selecting the “Movie Recording” option from the “Files” dropdown. 

● If your webcam is enabled, this will open a screen with your video on it. 

● Click on the dropdown arrow right next to the record button and then select your iPhone.

● You will now see your iPhone screen on your computer and anything you do on your iPhone will be mirrored via QuickTime Player.

● Hit the record button to start the screen recording.


Compared to QuickTime, ScreenFlow is a fairly recent video editing software created for macOS by Telestream, Inc. It offers multiple features such as adding highlights or annotation, different file types such as AIFF, GIF, M4V, MOV, and MP4. However, one of the major drawbacks of ScreenFlow is that it does not have a free version. Its pricing starts at $129.00 per year, per user. You can download the free trial or the paid version from this site.


To run ScreenFlow, you need a copy of ScreenFlow 5, a Mac OSX Yosemite or later, and an iOS 8 device. After downloading the app, the following steps are to be followed to start screen recording.  

● Plug your device with your laptop using a lightning to USB cable.

● Open the “ScreenFlow 5” app. A “Configure your Recording” box pops up. It is also accessible through the ScreenFlow helper icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

● Under the “New Recording” tab, you will be presented with a “Record Screen From” option.

● Check the box and select your connected iOS device.

● Press the record button and ScreenFlow will start recording your iOS device. 


ApowerREC is a free screen recording app developed by Apowersoft Limited for iOS users as well as Android users. It can be downloaded from the App Store as well as the Android Play Store. 


This app is also available for Mac and Windows and can be downloaded from this site

To run this app on your iPhone, follow these steps.

● Open ApowerREC and click “Start Recording”.

● Choose ApowerREC and click “Start Broadcast”.

● Click “Home” and start recording the screen activities. 

In a word, you can record anything on your iPhone 12. It is extremely useful to record a tutorial for your old parents who don’t have a good grasp of technology. It also allows you to record video calls or conferences, live streams, and almost anything. If you are a gamer and have to help your friend in clearing a certain level, you can use the screen recorder to record your game as well as give tips while doing so. 

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