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How to Sync Messages from iPhone to Mac?

how to sync messages from iphone to mac

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Are you texting while working on your Mac? Do you find it inconvenient and time-consuming to reach for your iPhone at every ping? 

What if I told you that Messages between family members, friends, and coworkers are now easier than ever thanks to iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks?

What does this mean?

This means that instead of using your iPhone, you may message them directly from your laptop using Apple’s iMessage desktop app.

In this guide, we will show you how to sync messages from iPhone to Mac by setting up iMessage on your Mac, and also syncing messages between your iPhone and Mac using iCloud. 

How to set up iMessage on your Mac

Follow the steps below to set up iMessage on your Mac easily:

Step 1 

Open “Finder” on your Mac, and from the menu on the left, click on “Applications > Messages.” 

 From the app menu bar, open Messages

Step 2 

Sign in using the same Apple ID you use on your iPhone. 

Enter your Apple ID and password to log in 

Step 3 

From the menu at the top, go to “Messages > Preference > Accounts.”

Press ‘Messages’ and then ‘Preferences..’ from the drop-down menu
Go to the ‘Accounts’ tab and fill in all the requirements

Step 4

Fill in the email addresses and phone numbers where you’d like to be reached. 

Step 5 

Finally, iMessage has been set up on your Mac and you can send/receive messages to other people.

While using iMessage from your Mac is quite convenient, what’s more, convenient is to have your messages synced across devices. This means you can continue a conversation from where you left from any Apple device. 

This is possible via iCloud message sharing. 

How to Enable iCloud Message Sharing

Enabling iCloud message sharing requires some configuration settings on both your Mac and the iPhone you use to transmit messages. Below are the steps for setting it up on both devices:

How to set up iCloud Message Sharing on your Mac

Step 1

Open “Finder” and from the left sidebar, go to “Applications > Messages.”

Step 2

Sign in to your Apple ID, and then from the top menu bar select “Messages > Preferences > Accounts.”

Step 3

Tick the box next to “Enable Messages in iCloud” and click “Sync Now.”

Tick the checkbox for ‘Enable Messages in iCloud’

To sync your iPhone with your Mac, you’ll need to make sure that iCloud sharing is enabled on your iPhone as well. Here’s how to do it:

How to set up iCloud Message Sharing on your iPhone

Step 1

On your iPhone, go to “Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.”

how to setup imessage on mac
 Open Settings and click on your iCloud account at the top of the screen Atl text: After opening your iCloud account, tap ‘iCloud’

Step 2

You’ll see a list of everything you can sync from your iPhone to your iCloud account here. Scroll down to “Messages” and turn the toggle on.

From iCloud, ensure that the green toggle next to Messages is enabled

Step 3

Now go back to “Settings > Messages > Sync Now.”

Your messages are now synced between your Mac and iPhone.

The upside of iCloud message sharing is that you’ll be able to download your message history whenever you set up a new device, in addition to keeping your messages in sync. 

Therefore, no more losing messages upon changing phones!

Final Words

Using two devices simultaneously can be a hassle sometimes. Therefore, if you sync your devices with each other, you can do everything on one device without going back and forth.

We hope our guide on how to sync messages from iPhone to Mac, and how to set up iCloud message sharing will help you save time and have everything in one place.

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