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How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to a Windows 10 PC

transfer photos from iphone to windows 10

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Not everyone has all Apple gadgets!

Sometimes we invest in non-Apple devices also. And that’s when the issue of incompatibility arises. Whether it’s connecting an iPhone to another device via Bluetooth or some other way, users mostly struggle with it. 

But today, our topic of concern is a plain old Windows PC!

Therefore, if you have an iPhone and want to transfer pictures to your Windows PC, we have discussed one super quick and straightforward method below – Via a lightning cable.


Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC

Step 1:

Connect your iPhone to your PC using an authentic lightning cable and not the knockout ones. Here are detailed instructions on How to Connect Your iPhone to a PC?.

Step 2:

An authority message will appear on your iPhone. Click on “Allow” to proceed.

step 2: allow this device to access photos and videos : transfer photos

Step 3:

A notification will pop up on your Windows 10 PC, indicating that both the devices are now connected and ready to use.

step 4: import photos and videos to transfer

Step 4:

Your computer will now ask you what to do with the connected iPhone. Click on “Import Photos and Videos – Photos” to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC.

step 4: Apple iphone: transfer photos

Step 5:

This will open a dialogue box showing all the photos on your device.

Step 5: Select picture to import

Step 6:

Now select all the photos you want to import by clicking on them individually.

Step 7:

Click on “Import ## Items to start importing the selected photos.

Step 7: Click on "Import ## Items"

Step 8:

Once the pictures are transferred, your computer will notify you. 

Step 9:

You can now disconnect your phone and view all those pictures directly on your PC. You can edit, crop, or add filters to your pictures as you like from the comfort of your PC.


The simplest and easiest way to transfer your photos from your iPhone to Windows 10 PC is through a lightning cable. Do you want to know how else a lightning cable can come in handy? Head over to our blog to find out!

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