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ios 14 home screen ideas

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Customize your iPhone’s home screen with unique designs and themes! 

The new customization features in iOS 14 have prompted a burst of inventiveness. As a result, people have put their creativity to the test and created some remarkable iPhone home screen themes. Perhaps you’ve seen the fantastic Animal Crossing and Microsoft Paint-inspired layouts that are currently circulating on the internet.

A Roundup of iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

Therefore, if you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to see how brilliant the internet can be, here’s a roundup of iOS 14 home screen ideas. 

Hand-drawn Doodles 

Hand-drawn app icons with MS Paint or other drawing apps for the customized iOS 14 home screen 

How about some free-hand drawn icon to relive the glory days of rough drawings?
For better or worse, Microsoft Paint makes everyone nostalgic – in any case, this homage is fantastic. If you don’t have access to the device with MS Paint, any of the greatest drawing apps can assist you in creating your icons, such as Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Adobe Illustrator Draw.


An all-black iOS home screen setup 

When it comes to managing a monochrome iOS 14 home screen, there are a few options. By splitting programs depending on their original icon colors, you may make each page a distinct color of the rainbow. You can also create unique app icons that are all the same color. Although any hue will work, an all-black layout is exquisite.


iPhone’s home screen customized with pastel-colored app icons and widgets

Pastel colors are perfect for spring, but they can also be used all year to give your iPhone home screen a soft, Miami Vice feel. Light pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and greens go well together; therefore, a pastel theme, unlike a monochromatic one, offers a wider color spectrum.

Black and White

A black and white aesthetic all over the iPhone home screen 

A black and white home screen theme will suit your minimalist, no-frills, all-business aesthetic. Here, graphics from the Infodoodles are employed to keep the design lighthearted, and they’re matched with Crystal Sky, a script font offering that extra something you can’t live without.


Colorful Neon outer space theme for your iPhone's home screen 

The ’80s-inspired Neon style has made its way into iPhones, and we have to agree, it’s rather cool. It produces a wonderful depth effect on your display when you turn all of your app icons into little neon signs against a dimly lit background.


An Earth tone theme for a soft yet classy look

If bright colors aren’t your thing, this iOS 14 home screen idea is for you. Beiges, nudes, and charcoals have a minimalistic appeal that makes us feel like our most polished selves. Also, soft colors give your gadget a refined appearance. The gorgeous earth-tone theme above by Sara_LM10 can give you some inspiration. 

Classic Old School

An old school iPhone theme for your inspiration

Remember these old-school symbols and colors if you wish to go vintage with your theme. This may be a throwback motif, but any year is preferable to this one. Although you won’t be able to restore ancient iOS software to your iPhone, you can use old-school app icons to emulate the look of early-2010s Apple devices. What’s the best part? You can still charge your phone with a lightning cable.

Animal Crossing

Turn your iPhone into a NookPhone with this amazing Animal Crossing custom layout 

This restored Nook phone from Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be the most spectacular custom layout we’ve seen yet, moving away from color themes and into fandom-inspired iOS 14 home screen concepts. Any top Nintendo Switch games can serve as inspiration, and you can even turn your gaming screenshots into photo widgets. 


A simple Minecraft-themed iOS 14 home screen for Minecraft fans
A simple Minecraft-themed iOS 14 home screen for Minecraft fans

Minecraft, despite its deceptively basic appearance, is still one of the most popular games. If you’re a Minecraft lover, creating an iOS 14 home screen theme with icons as your construction blocks might be fun. Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t deny that 8-bit icons are cool.

Pretty in Pink

A pink with puppy theme for those who like the color pink

What is it about the color pink that attracts both girls and women? These are the displays for you if pink is your favorite color. You can rearrange apps, add widgets, and do much more! Besides, you can take inspiration from the pink with puppy theme above.

Star Wars

Star Wars iOS 14 home screen
Star Wars iOS 14 home screen

Star Wars can be interpreted in various ways for the iOS 14 home screen, but if it were up to us, we’d base each page on a trilogy or a character. It all depends on how many apps you have installed. This Lego Star Wars tribute is also rather smart.

Summing Up

You may customize your iOS 14 Home Screen by adding widgets, creating bespoke widgets, downloading icon packs, and creating custom app icons. But what if you don’t know where to begin? Well, taking ideas is the ticket to inspiring yourself! So, for some iOS 14 home screen ideas, look at the great screens above and customize them according to your taste or style.

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