Why does my phone overheat while charging? Reasons and Solutions

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Why does my phone overheat while charging? Does this happen occasionally or every time you plug it into a charger? 

If you’ve been trying to get a permanent solution for this, then you need not worry anymore. In this article, we have compiled all the reasons why your phone overheats while charging, as well as the best solutions for each.  

Top Reasons Why Your Phone is Overheating

A Faulty Charging system

The charging system is in most cases, the main culprit when your phone overheats during charging. This system includes the charger, the port, and the battery.

So, when this happens, check your charging system first to see if there’s a problem. The overheating might be a result of a faulty or poor-quality charging cable, a damaged battery, or a broken port.

To help stop phone overheating, check your charger cable to ascertain that it’s not damaged or of poor quality. If the charger is not the issue, let a technician check your phone’s charging port, or consider replacing your battery.

Overcharging the Phone

The first thing you must understand here is that a phone is just like a computer, but without a fan or cooling vents. Secondly, it has a battery that stores energy fed by a charger through some chemical reactions. These two factors mean that heat must be produced when charging.

Keeping your phone for too long on the charger causes the battery to produce more heat and overcharge. This means that over time the battery might get damaged causing your phone to start overheating.

If you’ve been overcharging your phone for too long, then your phone’s overheating issue might be your undoing. However, don’t fret. To fix the problem, make sure that you never charge your battery to 100%. Try to always charge to between 80 and 90% to help keep it from overcharging.

Too Many Background Running Apps

In many cases, our phones have numerous apps running in the background that we are even not aware of. If you try charging your phone in this state, it will most probably overheat.

This happens as the system works harder to keep the multiple apps running, which increases power consumption and thus more heat generation.

One way to avoid this kind of problem is to close all the background apps before you start charging. If you’re not aware of the particular apps running in the background, you can try restarting the phone before charging.

Using the Phone While Charging

Continuous use of your phone while charging can also make your phone overheat. This is because you don’t allow your phone to cool down – and its generating heat from the charging battery, as well as from the open applications you’re using.

The rise in temperatures will definitely cause your phone to overheat. So, avoid using your phone for long, while plugged onto a charger.

Poor Heat Dissipation while Charging

Heat dissipation depends entirely on the surface you place your phone on when it’s charging. Some surfaces are poor heat absorbers and tend to make the phone heat even more.

For instance, placing your device on the sofa or bed while charging causes slow heat dissipation, which in turn raises the temperatures on your phone. Always place your phone on a cooler surface or environment, such as a desk, to prevent overheating when charging.


Malware is another dangerous issue that can cripple your smartphone. These are malicious apps, usually un-optimized code fragments, which hog the phone’s memory and CPU, throttling them and producing massive heat amounts.

You may not even realize that your phone is infected with malware, especially if you don’t have an antivirus. The best way to avoid this from the start is to install a strong antivirus on your phone, which detects and deletes the malware. Also, always ensure you’ve restricted the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Key Take Away

While there are numerous factors that can make your phone overheat while charging, each one of them has a solution, as indicated above. So, don’t get yourself too worried. Just identify the root cause, why your phone overheats when charging, and try to fix it. Follow the above tips and your phone remains healthy.

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