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Real Fixes for AirDrop Not Showing Up

AirDrop Not Showing Up? Here’s Real Fixes

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The fastest way to share files between your iOS and macOS devices is AirDrop. AirDrop not showing up? Here are real Fixes.

However, there are times when you need to share or receive files, but it stops working, and you’re left wondering about the reasons for AirDrop not showing up on your device. 

Is my device not compatible with AirDrop? Did the new update mess things up? 

No matter what the reason might be, we have got some real fixes for this issue! 

How to Fix the “AirDrop Not Showing Up” issue on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

AirDrop not showing up? Here are real fixes. Following are some quick steps to get AirDrop working again on your device:

1. Activate AirDrop on Your Device

If AirDrop isn’t working on your device, try activating it. Here’s how:

For iOS Devices

Step 1 

Go to “Settings > General > AirDrop.” on your iOS device. 

Open Settings and tap General

Step 2 

Select one of the three modes of AirDrop.

Open AirDrop and choose the option you want

For macOS Devices

Step 1

On your Mac, open Finder.

Step 2

In the sidebar, click on “AirDrop” and select from the three modes.

 Launch Finder and click on AirDrop on your Mac

Once you have activated AirDrop on iOS or macOS, see if it’s showing up or not. 

If not, you can try one of the other fixes mentioned below.

2. Toggle Radios

You can also check if the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of your device are enabled or not, as they are required for AirDrop to work.

The Control Center no longer disables Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It just terminates the current connection while leaving AirPods, Apple Pencil, and Apple Watch functional.

Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iOS

For Wi-Fi

Step 1

Go to “Settings > Wi-Fi” and turn the toggle on if it’s off. 

Step 2

If it’s already on, try turning the toggle off and then on again.

Toggle off and on the Wi-Fi switch

For Bluetooth

Step 1

Go to “Settings > Bluetooth” and turn the toggle on.

Step 2

If it’s on, turn it off and then on again by tapping on the toggle button.

Toggle off and on the Bluetooth switch

Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Mac

For Wi-Fi 

Step 1

In the menu bar of your Mac, select the Wi-Fi icon and click “Turn Wi-Fi On.”

Turn Wi-Fi On

Step 2

If it’s already on, click on “Turn Wi-Fi Off” and then turn it on again.

Turn Wi-Fi Off

For Bluetooth

Step 1

On your macOS device, select the Bluetooth icon from the menu bar and click on “Turn Bluetooth On.”

Turn Bluetooth On

Step 2

If it’s already on, click on “Turn Bluetooth Off” and then turn it back on. 

 Turn Bluetooth Off

Alternatively, you may turn off all the radios simultaneously by turning the Airplane Mode on and off.

After you’ve finished, try reconnecting. If it works, that’s fantastic. 

If not, continue reading.

3. Look for Updates

It’s possible that you missed a system update which is causing your AirDrop feature to stop working. Look for updates on your device, and try your luck again!

System Update on iOS 

Step 1

On your device, go to “Settings General > Software Update.”

Step 2:

Tap “Install” if an update is available.

Check for updates and install if available 

System Update on macOS

Step 1

On your device, click on “System Preferences > Software Update.”

Step 2

Click on “Upgrade Now” to install the updates.

Click on 'Upgarde Now;.

After you’ve finished upgrading your devices, try using AirDrop again. Chances are, it will start working. 

If not, try resetting your networks.

4. Reset Your Networks

Now that you’ve tried turning everything on/off and updating the system, it’s time to reset your networks, before getting to the more technical solutions.

Resetting Network Settings on iOS

Step 1 

Go to “Settings > General > Reset.”

Go to Settings and then tap on Reset

Step 2

Now, select the “Reset Network Settings” option and enter your passcode if prompted.

Step 3
To confirm, tap “Reset Network Settings.”

Enter your passcode and confirm the decision 

Resetting Network Settings on Mac

Although Mac doesn’t specifically have a “Reset Network Settings” option, you can do so in the following way:

Step 1

From the menu, go to “System Preferences > Network > Your Wi-Fi Network.”

Step 2

Click on the minus sign at the bottom “-” and then “Apply.”

Step 3
Now, add your Wi-Fi network again.

Once you’re done resetting networks on your devices, reconnect your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and see if AirDrop is showing up or not.

If it’s still not working, we’ll have to do it the hard way!

5. Hard Reset

A hard reset is the last option to make AirDrop work before contacting Apple Support

Hard Reset on iOS

Step 1

Press the on/off button on the side or top of your iPhone or iPad simultaneously with the home button. 

Step 2

Hold both buttons down as the screen turns off, then continue holding them down until the screen turns back on and the Apple logo appears.

Press and hold the On/Off and Home button to perform a hard reset

Hard Reset On Mac

Step 1

At the far left of the menu bar, click on the Apple Icon and select “Restart” from the drop-down menu.

Restart your Mac

Try connecting AirDrop after resetting your devices. If it works, everything’s good. Otherwise, take your device to be dealt with by the experts!

6. Contact Apple 

If you’ve done everything and AirDrop is still not working or not showing up on your device, your device’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi may be faulty. Run to an Apple Store near you to have it checked out.

Final Words

There might be countless reasons for AirDrop not showing up on your device, and there are a number of solutions too! Usually, these solutions work, but if your device is AirDrop compatible and none of the mentioned fixes work, there must be some technical fault with it. Get your device checked and fixed by the concerned people, and get back to sharing files across Apple devices!

For more quick fixes and hacks, visit our blog now!

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