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Share Screens iPhone: How To Share Screen On FaceTime

share screens iPhone

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FaceTime is an incredibly useful app and iPhone users have long relied on it for both professional and personal communication means. Sometimes, you have to share your iPhone screen with others to show something on your phone. 

One of the functions that Apple added was the ability to share your screen on FaceTime. This function adds a huge benefit to having FaceTime as part of your regular communication. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to show something instead of just telling someone about it or for those times when you’d rather show something than type about it.

In this article, we’ll help you know how to share screens on FaceTime.

Can you share a screen on FaceTime?

If you have an iPhone and you need to share the screen with others, you might be wondering “can you share the screen on FaceTime or not?”

What many don’t know is that with the iOS 15.1 update, you can now share your screen on FaceTime. This feature is called SharePlay and allows for screen sharing with other people on a FaceTime call. It works great for choosing a movie, viewing a photo album in the gallery, or something that requires group discussion.

Is this helpful? Yes, it’s certainly a useful feature. For example, if you need to show somebody how to do something, or want to let someone see your spreadsheet or project, sharing your screen can be helpful. 

Do you want to learn how to share your screen on FaceTime? It’s easier than you think! Apple has made it possible for multiple users to share their screens. This makes it easy for collaboration or teaching purposes.

How to share iPhone screens on FaceTime?

Sharing your screen on FaceTime is easier than you think! In iOS 15.1, Apple has made it possible for users. It’s excellent for collaboration or teaching purposes.

This tutorial will show you how to make and share a screen on FaceTime. We’ll start from the very beginning, helping you get your first screen share done.

  • Firstly, you need to have iOS 15.1 or the latest installed on your iPhone. If yes, launch FaceTime on your iPhone.
tap FaceTime on Home Screen

Step 1: To begin, you need to add the contact you want to call by tapping New FaceTime. Once selected, tap the FaceTime button to connect the call. You can select the contact directly from the Contacts and select FaceTime call. 

tap New FaceTime

Step 2: Once the video call has connected, find the SharePlay button at the top right corner of the screen. It’s the right-most icon in the control panel. 

tap SharePlay button

Step 3: When you click the SharePlay button, a drop-down menu appears. It has a Share My Screen button in the menu. 

tap Share My Screen option - share screens iPhone

Step 4: Tap the Share My Screen button and your screen sharing will begin after a three-second countdown. 

Once the SharePlay feature has been enabled, your screen will be shared with other callers on the call. You can navigate to other apps and perform the task you want to show.

During the screen sharing, an icon remains to appear in the top left of the screen. It shows that the screen sharing is active. You can tap this icon to access the control panel.  

When sharing a screen, you can hide the face of the caller to view the entire screen properly. All you need to do is swipe away the caller’s video tab. To bring back the caller into view, swipe it back.  

When you’re seeing someone else’s screen on your iPhone, their name is visible just below the top-left icon. You can send a message to the caller, give Love React, or share with others. 

Why do you need to share a screen on FaceTime?

Screen-sharing is one of the best ways to help someone get familiar with an app. When you share your screen on FaceTime, it shows your friend exactly what you’re looking at on your iPhone or iPad. You can use the share screen iPhone feature of FaceTime for a range of benefits.

Screen sharing has gained popularity and it is now becoming an integral part of online meetings and collaboration. If you don’t regularly use screen sharing features, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your productivity and boost your efficiency. If your team members have iOS devices and you want to share a screen to show something on your phone, FaceTime can prove helpful.

Sometimes you don’t have access to your laptop or other screen-sharing software, but your iPhone is always in your pocket. When you need to demonstrate something to your team on the go, you can ask your team to join you on a FaceTime call – share your screen with them to convey your message.

Another great use of this feature is to have fun and entertainment together. It allows you to listen to songs or watch movies together by sharing the screen. Other callers see the same screen, controls, and video playback.

Wrap up

Apple’s FaceTime is a great way to catch up, hold a video conference or even keep up-to-date with your friends on the other side of the world. 

FaceTime is so popular that it’s unsurprising how many people would like to know more about it, including how to share screens on FaceTime! That’s why we created this guide.

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