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The 11 Best iPad Air Cases with Pencil Holder

ipad air case with pencil holder

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Getting an Apple Pencil for your iPad Air is quite exciting until you keep losing your pencil! This is where an iPad Air case with a pencil holder comes in handy. 

Following this, we have rounded up 6 of the best iPad Air cases with a pencil holder and keyboard for you to keep your tablets protected and your Apple Pencil from getting misplaced all the time!

Our Picks for iPad Air Cases with Pencil Holder

Whether you have an iPad Air 4 or any of its predecessors, the iPad cases mentioned below will make your iPad look stylish while keeping your Apple Pencil attached for wireless charging!

So, let’s begin!

1. Rebound iPad Air 4 Case with Pencil Holder

If you own an iPad Air 4, you need a case that makes the perfect fit. And, the Rebound iPad Air 4 Case with pencil holder is precisely what you need!

Rebound Pencil Case for iPad Air 4 2020 10.9 Inch
  • This iPad Air 4 case is made of rubber-like polymer that is soft and smooth to hold while providing a solid grip. 
  • It is designed to support viewing and typing modes with its magnetic trifold stand. 
  • It has a special slot on the top for holding your Apple Pencil 2 so that you never lose it.  
  • The Rebound iPad Air 4 case is available in 6 different colors: black, gray, blue, cactus green, papaya, and rose gold. 

However, this iPad case has one downside; it is designed with exact cutouts compatible only with iPad Air 4 and not other iPad variants. 

2. ProCase iPad Air Case

If you’re looking for a sturdy yet slim and stylish iPad Air Case, go for the ProCase iPad Air Case with a pencil holder. 

ProCase iPad Air Case
  • Built using the finest ABS material, this iPad Air case is designed in a protective folio stand style that is lightweight and shock-proof.
  • Not only does it protect your iPad Air from scratches and drops, but it also provides a pencil holder to store and charge your Apple Pencil 2. 
  • Also, it has 3 viewing angles and is magnetically snapped on and off to provide you optimal ease and convenience. 
  • This stylish iPad Air case is available in 4 colors: black, navy blue, red, and teal. 

3. Braecn Heavy-Duty iPad Air Case

If you’re an avid iPad Air user and use it almost all the time, even when traveling, you need something rugged, like the Braecn Heavy-Duty iPad Air Case with a pencil holder. 

Braecn Heavy-Duty iPad Air Case

This multi-purpose iPad Air case:

  • Protects your device from cracks, scratches, and bumps.
  • Comes with a secure Apple Pencil holder
  • Includes a rotatable hand strap at the back to hold the device comfortably. 
  • Is made of soft silicone and a hard PC.
  • Has a rugged design, with raised camera and screen edges to bear impacts and keep the glass from shattering.
  • Has a foldable kickstand that adds to the comfort and convenience of using this case.

But that’s not all! 

  • This sturdy iPad Air case also has a detachable shoulder strap, which you can use to carry around your tablet in landscape mode. 
  • And, with the 11 vibrant shades, it is available in, the Braecn iPad Air case is suitable for grown-ups and kids alike!

4. Dadanism Printed iPad Air Case

If you’re bored of using iPad cases in solid colors, check out this Dadanism iPad Air Case with groovy marble and geometric prints. 

Dadanism Printed iPad Air Case
  • This pretty-looking iPad Air case is made of high-quality PU leather with a microfibre lining to give your device the protection it needs. 
  • It comes with a flexible hand strap and non-slip grooves to adjust your iPad Air in 3 stable angles. 
  • The best part is that not only does it have a pencil holder, but there’s a pocket at the front where you can place your credit cards, cash, and other mini items. It’s everything you need on the go!

Coming to the attractive design:

  • This iPad Air case has marble prints in purple, blue, green, and grey shades.
  • While there’s a geometric pattern in soft pink and white color, giving it a pastel look. 

It is a perfect choice for professionals and university students.

5. TGOOD Glittery iPad Air Case

Moving on to an iPad Air case that is sure to catch the eyes of all ladies out there! Say hello to the TGOOD Glittery iPad Air Case with a pencil holder. 

TGOOD Glittery iPad Air Case
  • Made using the finest shiny PU leather, this blingy addition to your iPad Air accessories is totally dust and waterproof to keep the sparkle on. 
  • It is magnetized to keep your tablet in place while you place it at 65 degrees in viewing mode and 30 degrees in typing mode. 
  • Also, the Apple Pencil can be magnetically attached to its top for pairing and wireless charging. 

Everything about this beautiful rose gold glittery iPad Air case is effortless, from snapping it on to attaching the Stylus.

So, if you have a 4th generation iPad, this TGOOD iPad Air 4 case with a pencil holder is enough to make it stand out!

6. Fintie SiimShell iPad Air Case

Adding to our list of unique iPad Air cases with pencil holders is the Fintie SlimShell iPad Air Case. So, what’s so unique about it, you ask? Well, to start with, it looks like a notebook! It takes you back to your school days when you wrote in a composition book with a fancy pencil. 

Fintie SiimShell iPad Air Case

You’re still writing in a composition book with a fancy pencil; only this time, it’s digital!

  • The Fintie SlimShell is made of premium quality PU leather with a soft TPU back shell and microfibre lining to provide ultimate protection to your device from cracks, bumps, and impacts. 
  • The case is magnetized, so the iPad Air simply clips on without a hassle. 
  • The same magnetic feature is available to attach the Apple Pencil for storing, pairing, and wireless charging. 
  • You can prop up your tablet with the tri-fold front cover that also acts as a kickstand.
  • Also, the wake and sleep feature proves quite helpful when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to fiddle around with the buttons. 

This reminiscent iPad Air case is available on Amazon in black and purple shades. You can also find other marble and abstract prints in the same design.

7. VersaCover iPad Air Case

If you’re looking for a case with a flexible design, the VersaCover iPad Air Case is sure to meet your expectations.

VersaCover iPad Air Case

What’s so special about this iPad case?

  • The design is inspired by origami art.
  • It has triangular segments that can be tucked into each other to fold it and prop it according to your liking.
  • You can fold the case to view your iPad Air in the landscape, portrait, and typing mode.
  • It has a magnetic flap that keeps the cover closed and protects your Apple Pencil.
  • Also, the magnetic flap can be attached to your fridge or any other metal surface for easy viewing while you’re cooking or teaching.
  • It is compatible with iPad Pro 11 2nd 2020/1st 2018, 10.9″.
  • It is available in 3 colors: Sienna orange, charcoal black, and savanna beige.

8. AntBox iPad Air Case

Let’s go old school with the customary AntBox iPad Air Case.

AntBox iPad Air Case
  • Made of flexible TPU material, this case provides multi-layer protection to your iPad Air.
  • It has a built-in Apple Pencil holder that magnetically secures it for pairing and charging,
  • Also, the magnetic case enables wake/sleep function. This means that when you close the flap, your device goes to sleep and wakes up when the flap is opened.
  • This crack-proof case is compatible with Apple iPad Air 4th Generation 10.9”.
  • It is available in solid red, blue, black, and brown colors, ideal for professional use.

9. Logitech Slim Folio iPad Air Keyboard Case

You must have seen numerous iPad Air cases with pencil holders, but an iPad Air case with a keyboard is relatively new! Presenting the Logitech Slim Folio iPad Air Case with Keyboard!

Logitech Slim Folio iPad Air Keyboard Case
  • The Logitech keyboard case is made of lightweight yet sturdy plastic that protects your iPad Air from bumps, scratches, and spills.
  • It has a folio design integrated with a wireless keyboard.
  • It requires 2 coin batteries to power the keyboard, with a battery life of 4 years.
  • You can use the pencil holder to store your Apple Pencil, as well as the Logitech Crayon.
  • The keyboard has large-spaced keys for comfortable typing.
  • It also has an entire row of iOS shortcut keys for added convenience.

So, if you want to turn your iPad Air into a laptop without having to buy one, get this innovative iPad Air keyboard case now!

10. KBCase iPad Air Keyboard Case

While we are on the topic of iPad Air cases with keyboards, here’s another one that supports Apple Pencil and Bluetooth connectivity – the KBCase iPad Air Case with Keyboard.

KBCase iPad Air Keyboard Case
  • This slim keyboard case is compatible with the 4th generation iPad Air.
  • It has a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that can run for almost 100 hours.
  • The keyboard is designed in a honeycomb grid pattern, which is the best for heat dissipation.
  • The keys have enough space in between them for relaxed typing.
  • It has a built-in Apple Pencil holder.
  • The case is designed with easy access to the camera and all ports.
  • When the keyboard is detached, you can adjust the iPad Air in 3 angles.
  • It is available in 5 soft pastel colors including, light champagne, black, blue, lake blue, and sky blue.

11. DTTO iPad Case

How about a professional-looking iPad case for all the executives out there? Say hello to the DTTO iPad Case

DTTO iPad Case
  • It is made up of premium-quality synthetic leather with a microfibre lining to provide a non-slip grip and foolproof protection to your iPad.
  • The leather is soft and elegant, which gives a finised look to the case.
  • The cover is magnetized enabling the wake/sleep feature, which also helps in saving battery life.
  • It has a trifold capability that allows you to prop it up in case you want to attach a keyboard, and adjust it in a lying down position incase you’re watching a movie.
  • Also included in a front pocket in which you can keep cards and cash.
  • A leather strap helps you securely close the case.
  • And lastly, there’s a special slot to place your Apple Pencil so that you don’t lose it all the time. 

These are our picks for the 11 iPad Air cases with and without a keyboard.

However, if you want to go basic and are on the lookout for high-quality cases for your iPhone, you can check out these clear cases by Syncwire

Wrapping Up

Getting expensive gadgets is fun and exciting, but keeping their screen safe from cracks and scratches can be quite a deal if you don’t have the proper gear for it. To avoid this, do give the iPad cases with pencil holder mentioned in this article a try!

Keep your phone protected, yet continue giving it a sleek and stylish look with a combination of some basic and a few unique iPad Air cases.

For more tips, tricks, interesting facts, and useful accessories head over to our blog.

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