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The 6 Best Laptop Cooling Pads of 2022- The Ultimate Guide

The Best Laptop Cooling Pads of 2022

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Laptops have the edge over desktops for being portable and easy to carry around. Unfortunately, most of us use a laptop pad over our laps or a surface that blocks the airflow. This can cause severe heating and even malfunction your device. At times, it may become so hazardous even to cause burn marks on laps. 

Hence, here we are today- to help you find the best laptop cooling pad of 2022. Laptop pads are essential to provide a portable platform for our device and help in its quick heat dissipation. 

To narrow down the options, we have reviewed the six best cooling pads in the market. All of these are unique and great in performance. So without further ado, let’s start with the review. 

The Best Laptop Cooling Pads of 2022

Topmate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Topmate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad


  • Laptop Size: 12 – 15.6 inch screen
  • Material: Plastic + Metal Mesh
  • No. of Fans: 5
  • No. of USB ports: 2

The Topmate C5 cooling pad is an excellent option for those who want to get a sturdy laptop cooler without spending a king’s ransom. The pad is made with high-end plastic and metallic mesh. While the plastic makes it lightweight, the metallic mesh and the five super-quiet fans allow quick heat dissipation. 

Designed for adjustability, the pad offers five highly adjustable angles to provide you with the best viewing experience. Topmate C5 also features a non-slip baffle to securely grip the laptop and prevent it from slipping. The cherry on top is the small LCD control panel that allows users to switch different wind speeds and change the fan operation mode. With cool blue LED backlights, the pad is a perfect option for getting the ultimate gaming experience. 

Ergonomic design and sturdy built-upNot compatible with 17 inch-ed screen laptops
LED illuminated. 
Six wind speeds and three fan operation modes
Five adjustable angles and non-slip baffle. 

TeckNet Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad

TeckNet Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad


  • Laptop Size: 12 – 16 inch screen
  • Material: Plastic + Metal Mesh
  • No. of Fans: 2
  • No. of USB ports: 2

For simple cooling needs, the TechNet Laptop Cooling Pad serves the purpose well. This sleek pad features two 110mm fans located under the metal mesh cover allowing optimal ventilation. The pad is super slim and lightweight, which aids in portability and makes it easier to shove it into a bag. 

Like most pads on the list, the TeckNet laptop cooler offers two USB ports- one for powering a unit and other for connecting an external device. The blue LED indicator lights up and helps to point out the active status of the pad. However, the drawback is that the LED cannot be turned off unless you power off the entire pad. Because the stand is wedge-shaped, you can easily support it on your lap. If cooling is your only concern, the TechNet cooler is the best cooling pad you can get your hands on. 

Strong, durable built-up.LED light stays on all the time. 
Two 110 mm quiet fans. No adjustable heights.
Dual USB ports.
Lightweight and portable.

Kootek Laptop Cooler Chill Mat 5

kootek Laptop Cooler Chill Mat 5


  • Laptop Size: 12 – 17 inch screen
  • Material: Metal Mesh
  • No. of Fans: 5
  • No. of USB ports: 2

Need a mighty blow of air to cool down your device? The Kootek Chill Mat 5 features six whooping fans- a 120mm fan in the middle surrounded by four 70mm fans- to allow optimal airflow. Conveniently enough, the pad’s control system allows you to just turn on the main fan, four supporting fans, or all five fans.  

Its ergonomic design has a metal mesh stand with six height adjustments to meet your viewing angle needs and relieve neck fatigues. The pad is also equipped with a non-slip base and two stoppers to offer a secure fit for the laptop to prevent it from sliding. 

The cooling pad has a built-in USB cable for powering the fans, while the blue LED backlights ensure a great gaming experience. For all those looking for a powerful and feature-packed laptop cooler, the Kootek Chill Mat 5 is a great choice that can securely support laptops up to 17 inches. 

Lightweight but sturdy ergonomic design.LED light stays on until fans are turned off. 
Non-slip base for stable support.
Dual USB ports.
6 Adjustable angles. 
Switch to control fans and LED. 

Thermaltake Massive A21 Cooler

Thermaltake Massive A21 Cooler


  • Laptop Size: 10 – 17 inch screen
  • Material: Metal Mesh + Plastic
  • No. of Fans: 1
  • No. of USB ports: 2

The Thermal take Massive A21 has been made to our list for all the right reasons and is packed with features to make you drool. This impressive cooler is made out of premium plastic but finished with a brushed aluminum panel. The panel enhances the cooling performance while also making it aesthetically pleasing. The built-up is incredibly solid, yet the pad is very lightweight and easy to port. 

The cooler is packed with a gigantic 200 mm central fan and circular vents that thoroughly ventilate the laptop and offer quick heat dissipation. You can find the control panel at the sides to adjust the wind speed and the switch button for fans. 

In addition to this, the stand offers angle accommodation by providing four height adjustments. The dual USB port adds functionality and allows the user to connect an external device. This cooler makes an excellent choice, especially when you are looking to make your every penny count. 

Powerful yet quiet fan working.No LED illumination.
Compatible with 17 inched laptops. 
Dual USB ports.
4 Adjustable angles. 
No-slip base.
Switch to control fan speed. 

AICHESON AA8 Laptop Chill Mat

AICHESON AA8 Laptop Chill Mat


  • Laptop Size: 15 – 17.3 inch screen
  • Material: ABS + Metal and foam material
  • No. of Fans: 6
  • No. of USB ports: 2

If you are on the hunt for something more flashy yet excellent as convenience of use, the AICHESON AA8 makes a great choice. This chill mat comfortably accommodates 17 inched laptops making it highly compatible with gaming laptops that are usually on the larger side. Besides, the airflow is pretty impressive, with six fans, three big 110 mm fans, and three 65mm adjusted between the big ones. 

With the fan adjustment LCD control panel, you can easily adjust between the six wind speeds and ramp up the airflow during hardcore gaming sessions. Additionally, the AICHESON AA8 is equipped with blue LED lights that illuminate your setup and improve the entire gaming experience. The best part is its minimalist yet accommodating design that offers seven adjustable height settings ranging from 15 to 35 degrees. You can also install an invisible phone holder to either the left or right side. 

If you are a gamer and looking for a good laptop chiller packed with a combination of features, this is it- AICHESON will prove to be a smart choice for you. 

Compatible with 17 inch laptops.The LED stays on until the pad is working.
Minimalist ergonomic design. 
Seven adjustable height settings.
6 LCD panel-controlled fans for good airflow.
Anti-slip base.
Dual USB ports and LED illuminated.

Targus 4- Port Lightweight Cooling Pad

Targus 4- Port Lightweight Cooling Pad


Laptop Size: 15 to 17 inches.

Material: Polyester.

No. of fans: 2

No. of USB ports: 4

Targus Chill Mat is a pretty popular choice because of its ergonomic design and excellent performance. For a solid build-up, the cooling pad is made with high-end polyester that also helps in maximizing the cooling effect. 

The well-thought-out design allows you to adjust the pad at four different height levels so you can work seamlessly. The tilted design is ideal for working long hours without your laptop getting warm or you getting tired. The chill mat features dual cooling fans rotating at a speed of 2500 RPM that take away all the heat from the processor and replace it with cool air. 

Apart from that, the mat has four USB 2.0 ports that enhance extensibility and are fantastic for connecting multiple devices to it at once. Lastly, the rubber stoppers ensure that the cooling pad stays in place, allowing no slipping. 

Compatible with 17 inched laptops.No LED illumination.
Lightweight, ergonomic design. No control panel for adjusting fan speeds. 
Four adjustable height settings.
Dual Fans.
Anti-slip base.
Four USB ports.
Cooling PadPriceLaptop Compatibility SizeUSB portsNumber of FansAdjustable Height Levels
Topmate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad$ 37.7710 -15.6 inches255
TeckNet Quiet Laptop Cooling Pad12 – 16 inches22Not adjustable. Can be placed on the lap.
Kootek Laptop Cooler Chill Mat 512- 17 inches256
Thermaltake Massive A21 Cooler$ 49.5810- 17 inches214
AICHESON AA8 Laptop Chill Mat15- 17.3 inches267
Targus Chill Mat Cooling Pad$ 37.3110- 17 inches424

Buying Guide for Buying the Best Cooling Pad

Here is a guide to follow to help you choose the best cooling pad online. There are various factors that you should consider while buying, so let’s start with each in detail. 


The Pad’s adaptability is one crucial factor to consider. The design should be accommodating and should have multiple angles and positions to use. Consider buying a laptop that offers you at least two height adjustment settings and provides maximum comfort. Besides, some laptops may feature a comforting arc at the base- which is a big plus. 


Laptops are lightweight and portable, and so the cooling pad should also be easy to carry around. Make sure to check the size and weight- heavy pads can be difficult to manage and feel heavy on the legs. Choose a pad that is easy on the laps and shoves in a bag. 

Airflow Fans

The main work of a cooling pad is to cool down the laptop. But, what use is it if the duty is not done well? The fans are one important component to look at in a cooling pad while buying. However, the number of fans does not indicate the quality of its performance. 

Some pads offer a single higher power capacity central fan, while you can also find pads with multiple smaller fans. Make sure to mind the power ratings and fan quantity along with your use of a pad (for hardcore gaming laptops, greater airflow is required than regular laptops).

Control Panel

Not all laptops cooling pads feature a control panel to adjust the fan speed or the lights. This is an important feature to keep in mind, especially when you like customizing things according to your liking. 


In easy words, we define extensibility as the maximum availability of USB ports. After connecting the cooling pad with a laptop, one port is occupied and becomes unavailable. However, some laptop ports have their own USB ports that allow you to connect external devices (like a mouse, keyboards, microphones) and power the pad with the laptop. 

Most chill mats do come with a connecting cable. However, if your pad lacks one or has a short length, try out the Syncwire 1.5ft Type A to Type A Cable. This works as an excellent replacement for your original cable. 

The Bottom Line

We have reviewed some best laptop cooling pad options available in the market. All of them offer great value for money and promise excellent performance. But before settling for anything, you need to know how you want to use it to make the right call. 

For gaming laptops, we recommend Thermaltake Massive A21 Cooler or AICHESON AA8 Laptop Chill Mat. Both of these chill mats perform remarkably well under high heat and keep the laptop incredibly cool under pressure. 

If you want to opt for something more simple and minimalist, the Topmate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is a great option. The sleek design and good adjustability angles offer aesthetics with comfort. 

In the end, everything narrows to what exactly you need a laptop cooling pad for. Clear your thoughts and consult our buying guide to make your shot!

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