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The Best Dock for MacBook Pro In 2021

macbook pro docking station

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Do you own a MacBook Pro and love it for its incredible technology and capabilities but hate the fact that it lacks ports? If so, then you’re like most of the MacBook Pro owners.  

Having this incredible piece of technology means that you’ll have a hard time connecting some of your favorite peripherals with it. Unless that is, you have a MacBook Pro docking station. It enables you to connect your devices with your MacBook Pro.   

With so many options available out there, it might be difficult to choose the right one. So we thought to make it an easy decision for you. 

With that, let’s shine a light on some of the best MacBook Pro docking stations in 2021. 

The Best MacBook Pro Docking Station

CalDigit TS3 Plus

CalDigit TS3 Plus - macbook pro docking station


  • Digital Optical Audio port
  • Tons of ports
  • 87W of host charging
  • SuperDrive compatible


  • Single DisplayPort

When it comes to ports, the more the better. Something that stands out in CalDigit TS3 is plenty of ports. This makes it a great choice for your MacBooks and Intel M1. It offers a lot of ports to enable connectivity. You get the following ports in CalDigit TS3: 

  • 1 Thunderbolt 3 port
  • 5 USB-A 3.1 ports
  • 2 USB-C ports (10Gb/s & 5Gb/s)
  • 1 DisplayPort
  • SD Card reader
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port,
  • 1 additional Thunderbolt 3 input

It features an additional Thunderbolt 3 port that allows for connecting external storage. It offers a whopping speed of 40Gb/s. Another great use of this additional port is that you can connect another hub or dock to your setup. One of its downsides is the presence of only one DisplayPort. However, you can use an adapter to connect multiple displays. If you’re an M1 MacBook user, this won’t be an issue for you as it only allows one external display, anyway. 

In this docking station, you get analog ports for audio i/o and Digital Optical Audio (S/PDIF) port is available for high-quality audio playback. Syncwire has high-quality Audio Cables to let you have the best experience. It works for those who want to connect their home theater system or amplifier with the MacBook Pro and get the best out of it. 

With CalDigit TS3 Plus, you can handle physical media effortlessly because of CalDigit’s custom driver.

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro


  • High display resolution
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C
  • 10Gbps USB-A


  • Expensive

If you’re looking for a MacBook Pro docking station, then Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro is one of the best options. You may want to have something that’s compatible with both Mac and Windows, which is why you should get your hands on this one.

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro has a 2.6-foot cable and features the following ports:

  • USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C ports
  • SD card reader
  • Audio jack
  • 4 USB 3.0 Type-A ports
  • 1 DisplayPort
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports

If you seek something that can charge your laptop by supplying optimal power, its 170-watt power supply plug is for you. It charges your device up to 85W. You can get quality and affordable HDMI Cables from Syncwire to enjoy HD display with this docking station. 

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Core

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Core


  • Portable
  • Supports 4K displays
  • Sufficient number of ports


  • High price for a travel dock
  • Tethered Thunderbolt 3 cable

For those looking for an ultraportable and compact MacBook Pro docking station, Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 Dock Core is an impressive option. 

Its design is square in shape and all the ports are on one side, which includes the following:

  • 1 DisplayPort
  • 1 HDMI 2.0 port
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 1 USB-C port
  • 1 USB-A & SuperSpeed USB-A (10 Gb/s) port
  • 1 audio i/o jack

It offers a decent assortment of ports, allowing you to connect your favorite peripherals and multiple displays easily.

With all the impressive upsides, it has one stand-out issue as well. It has a tethered Thunderbolt 3 cable, which renders the dock for your peripherals if it breaks. However, you have some peace of mind knowing that Belkin gives a 2-year product warranty on purchase. 

Corsair TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Corsair TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 Dock


  • Premium durable design
  • Plenty of ports
  • Support for 4K, 60Hz displays
  • 85W host charging


  • Expensive

When looking for a MacBook Pro docking station, you should consider Corsair TBT100 Thunderbolt 3 dock as well. It features a modern, matte black design. However, its ability to keep your workstation tidy and highly efficient stands out from its all other qualities.  

It has the following assortment of ports:

  • 2 USB 3.2 Type-C ports
  • 1 Thunderbolt 3 port
  • 1 USB 3.1 Type-A port
  • 2 HDMI 2.0 ports
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 1 headset jack
  • 1 SD card reader

Having such an assortment of ports and support for 2 4K displays, it makes an impressive choice for managing a gaming setup or a high-end workstation. 

Its performance after pairing with the MacBook Pro is incredible. You may find only one real gripe with Corsair TBT100 and that’s its high-end price tag. But if you want an unbeatable dock in terms of port selection, design, and build quality, it’s worth spending extra bucks on it. 

Brydge Vertical Docking Station

Brydge Vertical Docking Station


  • Apple-inspired designed
  • Premium build
  • Allow for great airflow for docked MacBook
  • Sleek and vertical design save space 


  • Expensive
  • No additional ports

Previously called Henge Dock, this MacBook Pro docking station is for those who prefer vertical docking stations. You can use it for MacBook Air MacBook Pros. If you have limited desk space, you’d benefit from its vertical construct. 

One of the benefits is that it allows for great airflow for your docked laptop, which protects your device’s health. You shouldn’t be intimidated by its vertical design because its precision alignment enables easy docking. 

With all the benefits and design, it has one downside as well. It works more as a pass-through unlike the previous models. You don’t get USB-C and HDMI adapter and other additional ports. However, it’s a decent choice if you’re particularly looking to save space on your desk and need a vertical docking station.  

Kensington SD5700T Thunderbolt 4 Dock

D5700T Thunderbolt 4 Dock


  • 90W host charging
  • Multiple Thunderbolt 4/USB 4 ports
  • Supports external 4K displays
  • Plug and Play


  • Expensive

It’s certainly not the cheapest option around but comes out as modestly priced as compared to other Thunderbolt 4 stations. If you need a Macbook Pro docking station dual monitor display, this one is for you. 

It’s only recently that Thunderbolt 4 compatible devices have appeared, so buying it now is a way to future-proof your home office. Kensington SD5700T has more than just Thunderbolt 4 compatibility to make it worthy of your extra bucks.

It has the following ports:

  • 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • 3 USB-A ports
  • 1 SD card reader
  • 1 audio i/o jack
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet port

If you have a power-hungry setup loaded with 4k monitors and gaming peripherals, you’ll enjoy its oodles of power. With 90 watts of host charging, it can easily accommodate high-end hardware. That makes it a worthy MacBook Pro dock station. 

It’s made up of anodized aluminum, making it a durable piece of equipment. It’s purely made for Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, but it also offers USB-A connectivity.

Kensington SD4100v USB 3.0 Dual 4K Docking Station

Kensington SD4100v USB 3.0 Dual 4K Docking Station


  • Vertical design
  • Sufficient number of ports
  • Ultra-slim body
  • 4K display support
  • 4 USB-A ports


  • No Thunderbolt 3 
  • Plastic build

There are not many ultra-slim MacBook Pro docking stations out there like Kensington’s SD4100v. If you have a laptop with USB-A ports, it’s also for you. Its sleep design and ultra-slim body with a decent number of ports make it an impressive docking station.  

It is a MacBook Pro vertical dock with a weight of 395g and dimensions of 2.77×4.96×7.70-inches. Well, you’d be impressed by its PS5 like design, which works well if you have limited space on your work desk. 

It has the following ports:  

  • 4 USB A Ports 3.1 
  • 2 USB-A Ports 3.1 Gen1 
  • 2 Dual 4K video output 
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB-B Host connection
  • Headphone and Microphone jack combo

Apart from 12 different ports, Kensington SD4100v comes with a power switch and power supply too. You’ll be able to connect and surf via the internet using its ethernet port. 

Kensington SD4100v comes with a 3-meter USB-B to USB-A host cable. If your use of the docking station won’t be limited to MacBook Pro only, you need this docking station as it’s compatible with Chrome OS and Windows as well. 

It’s a great option for those who want to connect multiple displays and play or work on 4k screens. It lets you connect dual monitors and play 60Hz 4K video on devices that support USB 3.0.  

It’s one of the best docking stations and the long-standing history of the manufacturer makes it a worthy choice. The only downside is its high-end price. However, if you need a docking station that can make your workstation a thing of beauty while delivering decent performance, then this vertical docking station is for you.

LandingZone USB-C Dock

LandingZone USB-C Dock - macbook pro docking station


  • Compact
  • Sufficient number of ports


  • No Thunderbolt 3 
  • Plastic build

Here comes the MacBook Pro docking station that’s a little different from others on this list. If you specifically need a docking station for your MacBook and won’t need it for your Windows laptops, this is for you. It doesn’t work with Windows laptops. 

As the name suggests, it supports USB-C only and operates at a mere speed of 15Mbps. 

You may find its design a bit unusual, which in fact, gives you more convenience. It’s specifically designed for MacBook 15″ Pro. It weighs 650g and measures size dimensions of 12.6×3.5×3.7inches. It’s built to offer portability and convenience. Having plastic material, it may appear cheap in terms of quality.  

It has the following ports:

  • 2 HDMI Ports
  • 1 SD Card & Micro SD Card slot
  • 3 USB-C 3.1 Ports
  • 1 Headphone Jack
  • 3 USB-A 3.1 Ports
  • 1 USB-C Port
  • 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port

If you’re a fan of multiple displays, it will fit your needs with its dual display support and third display port. 

It may give a cheap feel about its build quality but works just fine as a MacBook Pro docking station. A few of its downsides include the unavailability of Thunderbolt 3 support and inactive ports. So make sure to check the cable fitting to get the best out of it. 

If you use Thunderbolt 3 most of the time, LandingZone USB-C Dock is not for you. Otherwise, it’s one of the best docking stations for your Macbook 15″ Pro.

Moshi Symbus Q

Moshi Symbus Q - macbook pro docking station


  • Wireless charging pad
  • Supports Apple Wireless Fast Charging
  • Plug and play
  • Supports 4K, 60 Hz displays


  • No additional Thunderbolt 3 ports

If you want something that can not just dock to your MacBook Pro but can offer more to your Apple products, this might be what you need. It’s an easy-to-use MacBook Pro docking station that supports Apple wireless fast charging as well.

It has the following ports:

  • HDMI 2.0 port 
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • USB-A 3.1 ports offering 5Gb/s throughput 

At its top, you’ll find a 15W Qi-EPP certified wireless charging pad that can charge Apple wireless charging compatible devices. You can charge your iPhone and AirPods with this. It’s capable of reaching devices through cases up to 5mm thick. 

Another feature up its sleeves is that it supports Samsung’s 10W wireless fast charging. Apart from enabling docking, it lets you charge your devices on the go.

It sits beautifully and neatly on your workspace and keeps it clutter-free. 

Wrap Up

Having an impressive piece of technology like the MacBook Pro means you can do all sorts of digital activities like gaming, watching 4K videos, high-end video editing, illustration, and more. However, you need to connect peripherals with your laptop to get the best out of it.

The above list of MacBook Pro docking stations includes the MacBook Pro vertical dock stations, and flat design as well. Depending on your personal preferences, the number of ports, and type of ports, you can choose the best MacBook Pro docking station for you.

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