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The Best Games for Apple Watch

games for apple watch

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What comes to your mind when you hear someone talking about the Apple Watch?



Sending texts?

Convenience in making calls?


But what about playing games?

Did that come as a surprise to you? 

Well, shake it off, because if you have an Apple Watch or are planning to get one, we have put together some awesome games for Apple Watch for you to play as you wait for the bus or want to cool down after a sweaty workout session!

So, here goes!

Best Games for Apple Watch

If you haven’t played a game on your Apple Watch, what have you even been doing? 

Anyhow, here are not 5, not 10, but 17 games for the Apple Watch to get you started. You’ve got a lot of variety to choose from!

1. Ping Pong

Let’s start with something that is sure to take you back to the Super Nintendo era. Enjoy the old-school arcade game experience with Ping Pong!

Ping Pong

  • With solo and multiplayer playing options, this game provides you hours of relaxing fun.
  • You can conveniently move the paddle bar using the digital crown.
  • It has 3 difficulty levels, based on how well you can play.
  • Upon passing a certain number of levels, you can unlock 2 more fun games, Invader and Breakout, each having 45 additional levels.

Ping Pong is one of the best free games for the Apple Watch, and with the multiplayer option, it’s a must-have!

2. Bubblegum Hero

If you’re looking for a casual game that helps you unwind after a hectic day at work, we would recommend getting Bubblegum Hero for your Apple Watch. 

Bubblegum Hero
  • The aim of this game is to blow a bubble using a character of your choice.
  • You have to blow a bubble big enough to fit the white dotted line.
  • If it’s too small, it’ll flop.
  • If it’s too big, it will burst.

It’s as simple as that! The best part is that this addictive game is available for free on the Apple Store. So, hurry up and blow those bubbles!

3. Bubble Wars

Who doesn’t love bubble shooting games? Imagine getting to play it on your Apple Watch while taking a breather during the day! It’s possible with Bubble Wars!

Bubble Wars

  • This addictive bubble-busting game works using the digital crown and tapping.
  • It has hundreds of levels that provide you with endless hours of bubble popping.

The only thing that might come in the way of immersive gameplay is the size of the bubbles and your Apple Watch. Other than that, this free game for Apple Watch is ideal for helping you relax and unwind.

4. Wordie

How about a word game that requires you to use those little gray cells? From its name, Wordie might seem like a cute little game, but it’s not!


  • It’s a word trivia game where you get 4 images to guess the word.
  • The word can be anything that’s common in all the given images.

Sounds easy, right? Wait till you reach a few advanced levels and see how this cute-sounding game has you scratching your head! Wordie is a free game for the Apple Watch and is perfect for refreshing your brain.

5. Solitaire

Remember the initial days of Windows when we would spend the majority of our time playing Solitaire? Well, this version of Solitaire for the Apple Watch will sure have you reliving those stress-free days!


  • It is a fun-to-play card game that loads instantly and has an intuitive design.
  • Unlike the PC version, this game has a daily challenge with a solution, which helps you train your brain.
  • Also, if you’re new to Solitaire, the game gives you hints for the next possible move to help you go by.

It is one of the best free games for the Apple Watch and helps keep boredom away.

6. Jellyfish Tap

I’m sure you’re familiar with Flappy Bird, that unbeatable game? Well, here’s Jellyfish Tap; not as frustrating, but I’m sure you get the idea! 

Jellyfish Tap - games for apple watch

  • The aim of this game is to keep the jellyfish afloat.
  • You have to tap the screen to help it jump and avoid the obstacles that come in the way.

It might be a bit nerve-racking because it’s difficult to survive for long, but that’s what draws you towards the game! You keep coming back for more in an attempt to beat your previous score.

7. Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!

Now, isn’t that a frisky name? If you enjoyed the Super Mario games, you’re going to love Dare the Monkey!

Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!
  • For starters, you’re Dare, the monkey!
  • You have to run, jump, and climb your way through various obstacles to reach the end of a level.
  • And you can do all this with just a single tap!
  • A highly-addictive and fun game with cute and vibrant graphics for an instant mood-lift.

So, if you’re in for playing some daring levels, get Dare the Monkey free on the Apple Store.

8. Pop

It’s hard to control yourself from popping a bubble wrap; but, eventually, you run out of bubbles. Not anymore! With Pop, you can pop bubbles endlessly!

Pop - games for apple watch
  • It’s a simple bubble popping game inspired by a bubble wrap.
  • You have to pop as many bubbles as you can before the timer runs out.

With this free game for Apple Watch, you have to strive to beat your previous score each time. Get this game and see how fast you can pop!

9. Checkers

Let’s take a walk down memory lane when everyone’s favorite pastime was playing Draughts. You can relive those moments with Checkers for the Apple Watch!

Checkers- games for apple watch
  • The rules of this game are the same as the classic checkers that we played on a chessboard.
  • Your game gets auto-saved, which means whenever you come back again, you can start exactly from where you left off.

So, come up with winning strategies and train your brain with this free game for Apple Watch.

10. Octopuz

How about a game to test your memory? Here’s Octopuz, a memory game to see how good you are at memorizing patterns!

  • The rules are simple. You are shown a pattern, and you have to recreate it.
  • Here’s the catch! You get a limited time to replicate the pattern.

So, sharpen your memory and speed up your fingers to see how good you remember and how fast you recreate the pattern.

11. Pocket Plants

Do you have a green thumb? Are you a gardening enthusiast? In that case, Pocket Plants is just the game for you!

Pocket Plants - games for apple watch
  • Unlike other games, you don’t have to feed and water your plants for them to grow, but you need to get moving to earn points.
  • The more you walk, the more points you earn, and the better your plants can grow. 
  • The game has a variety of tasks involving working out, for which you get rewarded.
  • You get to collect different plant species and mix and match them to create new ones.

So, get healthier with this eco-friendly game, and grow plants as you move!

12. Laps!

It’s okay if you’re not a fan of running and getting all sweaty in reality, but I’m sure virtual running won’t bother you much. Get Laps and run from the comfort of your couch! 

Laps! - games for apple watch

  • It’s a running game with a lot of twists and turns!
  • Every time you tap the screen, it turns 90 degrees, and if luck isn’t on your side, you run straight into a wall!
  • After every 5 laps, the direction of the track changes, so you have to be very vigilant to keep yourself from bumping into walls and corners.

Laps might be a free game, but the intensity of the game keeps you on your toes. You might not sweat from running, but the stress of the game will have you soaked!

13. Coloring Watch

If you’re looking for a game for the Apple Watch Series 3, and if you’re a fan of coloring, look no more as Coloring Watch is exactly what you need!

Coloring Watch

  • This coloring app is specifically designed for the Apple Watch.
  • With more than 100 different colors to choose from, you can use the digital crown to select the desired shade.
  • It has an impressive collection of 80+ images, with 73 still images and 17 animated images.
  • It also has a 5-minute coloring session that tracks your heart rate while you color.
  • Also, the auto-save feature saves your progress for the next time you open the app.

Help your heart rate get back to normal with this calming and stress-relieving coloring game for the Apple Watch. However, this app is paid for and is available on the Apple Store for $3.99.

14. Letter Zap

While bubble popping and coloring games for the Apple Watch are quite popular, we cannot ignore the high demand for word games. And that’s why next up on our list of the best games for the Apple Watch is Letter Zap.

Letter Zap
  • You get a combination of random or scrambled letters using which you have to create as many words as you can. 
  • It has 20 themed worlds with more than 480 levels. 
  • With 4 different gaming modes, it provides you and your family hours of word-making fun! 

Although this is a free app for the Apple Watch, you might require to make some in-app purchases like extra time, etc. 

15. Lifeline

It’s time you took things into your own hands, especially when someone’s life depends on it! Lifeline is a survival game where your choices decide the fate of a ship-wrecked person.

  • It is a text-only game, where you get different texts throughout the day from Taylor, whose survival depends on your choices.
  • You will receive texts from him asking what he should do next, and your suggestion helps the story progress.
  • Every choice has a different effect, so choose wisely!

Will you help Taylor make it out alive, or will the Martians consume him? Find out by getting Lifeline from the Apple Store for $1.99.

16. Trivia Crack

Rack your brain to find the answers to questions from all around the world! Trivia Crack is a fun game that not only increases your general knowledge but tests it too!

Trivia Crack
  • It has a cute spinner that picks questions from 6 different categories for you to answer.
  • There are thousands of questions, which means endless hours of knowledgeable fun!
  • You have random opponents from around the globe, and you can chat with them too.
  • It also gives you the option of adding your own questions to the library.
  • This game is available in 20 different languages.

So, get up and get ready to prove your smartness with this fun, informative, and free game.

17. Twisty Color

If you’re looking for a game that involves a lot of colors and balls, you might find Twisty Color quite interesting!

Twisty Color
  • The aim of this game is to collect as many balls as possible using the twister.
  • The twister has 3 colors, pink, blue, and yellow, and you have to twist it around using the digital crown to catch balls of the corresponding color.
  • If the color matches, you get a point.
  • If the color doesn’t match, you lose a life.
  • The game has no time limit, so you can play forever as long as you’re successful in matching the colors of the twister and the balls.

This addictive game is available on the Apple Store for $0.99. So, get it and see how high you can score!

Wrapping Up

It’s not difficult to get your hands on a trending gadget, but if you’re not making full use of it, you’re not getting your money’s worth!

Whether it’s a bubble bursting game, a coloring game, or an adventure survival game, this list of 17 diverse Apple Watch games will help you pass the time while helping you relax!

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