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The Best USB-C to Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

best usb c to lightning cable

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Apple’s lightning cables are notoriously flimsy and also more expensive than third-party lightning cables. 

A lightning cable is the most important accessory for iPhone users. And, it’s extremely annoying when it breaks after a little use, charges & transfers data at a low speed, and you have to spend money again and again. That’s why investing in a high-quality and affordable USB-C to lightning cable is a smart choice. It charges your iPhone fast and transfers data swiftly.  

However, it’s challenging to find the right one because of so many options available in the market. But we have you covered. 

We did rigorous tests on some of the best USB-C to lightning cables to find the best option for you. Keep reading to learn more about it.

The best USB-C–to–Lightning cable (3.3 feet and 6.5 feet)

Out of all the options available in the market, Syncwire has the best USB-C to lightning cable. Let’s find out what makes it the best.

Syncwire USB C to Lightning Cable: The best USB-C to lightning cable

Syncwire USB C to Lightning Cable

If you’re in need of a USB-C to Lightning cable, consider Syncwire’s lightning cable for its high quality and affordable price – it costs $16.99.

Take a look at its features to find out what makes it a suitable option. 

It has state-of-the-art PD Fast Charging Technology

Syncwire’s USB C to lightning cable is perfect to sync or charge your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It offers fast charging capabilities with its PD Fast Charging – a technology that allows for up to ~50% faster charging than the traditional power delivery methods on USB-C devices. 

In fact, it gets you from 0-50% battery in about 30 minutes as opposed to ~45 minutes for regular USB-C PD, and ~75 minutes for regular USB-C. So your phone will charge faster than ever before! 

Braided nylon exterior & high-quality material makes it durable

The high-quality material makes this cable durable and long-lasting, so you can use it every day without worrying about it breaking down on you. The braided nylon exterior and Nylon core add to the overall strength of the cable.

Multi-layer build for better protection

Syncwire USB-C to lightning cable is constructed in five layers. The outermost layer protects the cable from physical damage. Thanks to its Al-Mylar Shield, it promotes faster sync. For fast charging, the cable is equipped with 22AWG. 

Five-layer construct for durability and better functioning

Its nylon core gives it the durability you’d want in your USB-C to lightning cable. It’s available in two lengths: 3.3ft and 6.5ft. 

It’s MFi-certified 

Syncwire USB-C to lightning cable is MFi certified, ensuring that its syncing and charging capabilities are qualified by Apple itself. It uses the original Apple chip. This is why it pairs perfectly with Apple devices. 

MFi-Certified lightning cable

Compatible with all Apple devices

The Syncwire USB-C to Lightning cable is not only compatible with your Apple iPhone, but also your iPad and iPod. It’s compatible with the latest iPhone and all the way back to the iPhone 8 series.

How we picked

When we started searching for lightning cables, we came around hundreds of unheard names with little to no online presence. We want to recommend only the best USB-C to lightning cable to our readers. We have taken several factors into consideration to add only the best products in this guide.

There are so many lightning cables available on the market today, it is hard to choose. We have gone through hundreds of lightning cables and picked out the best lightning cables for you.

We made the following considerations while listing the best USB-C to lightning cables in this guide: 

Must be MFi-certified

MFi is a certification program, which was created by Apple Inc. to ensure that the accessories and hardware made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad are of the best quality. 

MFi certified lightning cables are included in our list because they meet the high standards set by Apple for all certified accessories. The USB-C to lightning cables on our list will offer optimal performance whether you want to charge your iPhone or transfer data. 

Must be well-constructed with high-quality material

Is this cable well made? If it feels flimsy or looks cheap, it’s one to be avoided. Tearing and fraying is one of the problems that you might encounter with regular cables. These USB-C to lightning cables are built to last longer than the others.

Different construction styles are used today that offer different benefits. If you want something that will have a prolonged life, you may want to consider getting a braided cable. We considered this factor and added the best USB-C to lightning cable with a braided design.

Must be available in longer lengths 

Since most people carry their iPhone or iPad around with them, charging cables are one of the things you’re likely to put in your bag. The longer the cable, the easier it is to use a device where you have no access to a closer outlet. 

You’ll want to make sure that the cable will reach from your wall outlet to wherever you happen to be sitting. That’s why we picked lightning cables that are available in multiple lengths — 3.3ft/ 6.5ft, etc. Syncwire USB-C to lightning cable is one of the best USB C to lightning cable 2m length available in the market.

Must have at least one-year warranty

Does it come with a warranty? If there’s no warranty, it may mean that the company doesn’t trust its own product. You should avoid this.

Purchasing a lightning cable with a warranty ensures that if something goes wrong with it, you’re covered. We checked whether the manufacturer has a policy that includes replacement or repair of the cord if there is a defect in manufacturing or materials. 

This is an essential factor when buying any electronic device today since there is always a chance that something might go wrong over time. Syncwire, in this case, proved exceptional as it has a 36-months Bonus warranty plan with after-sale services.

Must charge fast

Fast charging lightning cable

Does the cable fast charge your iPhone or iPad at full speed (up to 2.4 amps)? You should make sure that your cable charges at full speed because some don’t do this and can charge very slowly. This is very important if you use your phone a lot because you want to make sure you don’t run out of battery while using your phone a lot.

Must have positive reviews from actual users

When it comes to the best USB-C to lightning cables, many people assume that the more expensive option is better. That’s not the case, though. We required that the product must have positive reviews from actual users.  

Our criteria were to look for products that have at least 4-star ratings. However, the best USB-C to lightning cable from Syncwire has over 20 five-star reviews. A product having less than 4 stars is probably not worth your money. 

How we tested

The product was tested for its standard function. The product was also tested for overall quality. Design, style, and packaging play a part in the overall score. Finally, we also considered price when factoring in our overall rating.

The product was tested on multiple devices including Apple phones, tablets, and more. Each device was tested to make sure that it charged with no errors or warnings coming from any device’s operating system. Each device was also tested to make sure that it charged properly at a fast speed.

Bend test

Bend test

One of the ways to identify the best USB-C to lightning cable is its ability to sustain bends without compromising the charging speed. USB-C to lightning cable from Syncwire was tested in strict laboratory tests where it sustained over 15,000 bends without experiencing any decrease in its charging and sync capabilities.

For testing the durability and strength of lightning cables, we did the following tests:

Torsion test

Torsion test

You can perform a torsion test by slowly twisting the cable back and forth while grasping the connectors firmly. If the cable begins to fray or pulls apart at the center, this is an indication that the cable is faulty. It means there is a weak point in the wiring, which could cause the wires to separate at that point during normal use. If this happens, then the cable will be completely useless and you’ll need to buy a new one.

Pressure test

Another way to test lightning cables is to press on them with your fingers. You should be able to make an indentation into the cable, but it shouldn’t be so deep as to make it bend permanently. If it does bend, it could mean that there isn’t enough protection around the wires inside, which could lead them to break or fray when put under stress.

What to look for in Lightning cables

Lightning cables are a necessity for charging your iPhone or iPad. You need at least one, and a couple more are always better. But not all lightning cables are made equal. These days, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to good lightning cables for iPhone or iPad, but there’s also a lot of trash mixed in with the good stuff.

The most important qualities in any lightning cable are long-term durability and fast charging speeds. 

When it comes to the best lightning cables, a few things determine whether they fall in the category or not: durability, charge speed, length, and so on.


highly durable lightning cable

You want your cable to be durable because this is one accessory you won’t want to replace often. Your phone will charge quickly, but you’ll still need a cable that can hold up over time. 

Check out the durability of the materials used in the cables’ construction. While plastic is inexpensive and lightweight, it isn’t as durable as other materials like rubber. While some cables are covered with a plastic coating for extra protection, they don’t last long. 

Lightning cables made of thicker rubber tend to last longer than a standard plastic-coated without breaking down over time.


The best lightning cables are tough enough to endure regular use, still charging your devices effectively.


Long lightning cable

The length of a lightning cable varies based on your specific needs and where you plan on using it. The standard length is 1 meter (3 feet), which is great if you only need to charge your device in one place. If you’re an on-the-go person or want to use your phone in other rooms of your house, consider purchasing a longer lightning cable.

Coiled design: 

Many people find that coiled cables are easier to deal with than traditional cords because they don’t get tangled easily. If you have had issues with tangled wires ruining your day, consider purchasing a coiled lightning cable instead of a traditional one.

Fast charging: 

A lightning cable should charge at least as fast as the charger that came with your device. However, one of the best lightning cables charges faster than the original one that comes with your iPhone box. 

So what makes a lightning cable charge fast? A couple of things like quality insulation and high-speed wiring. These cables have shielding against interference and support high-speed data transfers. They also have reduced resistance so that more power gets to your phone. The more power you get, the faster your phone charges. A good lightning cable will also have solid connectors that hold up over time and solid construction to withstand frequent use. 

Care and maintenance

Lightning cables are designed to be durable, but even the best products will wear down over time. If you take good care of your lightning cable, it should last for a long time. 

Care and maintenance of lightning cable

Here’s how to prolong the life of your lightning cable and keep it working properly for years to come.

Treat the cable carefully

A lot of people make the mistake of storing their lightning cables in a loose pile with other items. While this may be convenient, it can also damage the cable. If you’re not using it, keep it wrapped up in a drawer or another protective case so that it doesn’t get bent or tangled up with other items.

Don’t stress the cable

It may seem like a good idea to pull on your cable when you need to unplug it from something, but this can cause damage over time. Lightning cables have a very thin metal housing that can be deformed if enough force is applied. Be gentle with your cable so that you don’t accidentally cause any damage.

Keep the connectors clean

Over time, dust and dirt can build up inside of the connectors on your lightning cable and cause problems with charging. You should give them a thorough cleaning every once in a while to prevent this from happening.

Store it properly

Aside from taking care of your lightning cable when you are using it, it is also important that you know how to store it properly once you are done using it. You need to avoid wrapping the cord around other objects or leaving them hanging freely, as this can put stress on the cable and damage them in the long run. Wrap the cord around itself or roll them up and keep them in a pocket or bag until they are needed again. 

There are also options like cases that you could use to protect your lightning cable while keeping them handy at all times.

Wrap up

To conclude, Syncwire USB-C to lightning cable is the best USB C to lightning cable as it’s a well-made cable that will charge and sync swiftly. It has a nylon braid for added strength, and you can even bend it around in a circle several times without any damage. This makes it our choice for the best USB-C to Lightning Cable on the market.

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