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Most Secured Phones | Top 5 In The World That Can’t Be Hacked!

Most Secured Phones

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Get yourself a hack-proof phone from this list of the most secured phones in 2021!

Protect your data! Save your phone!

A security breach is a real issue, and many people have fallen prey to it, even Jeff Bezos! In fact, 88% of organizations worldwide have experienced targeted email phishing in 2019 alone!

Do you know what this means? This means that our devices are pretty vulnerable to attackers! A simple email, a WhatsApp video, or even a link can easily result in unauthorized access to our smartphones and siphon out confidential information without our knowledge and our smartphone may hack. Here is a complete guide on How to Remove a Hacker from My Phone?

But we can avoid this threat by getting hack-proof phones! 

Below, we have put together a list of 5 of the most secured phones in 2021, complete with the various kinds of threats our smartphones are prone to and how we can safeguard them.

Top 5 Most Secured Phones of 2021

When it comes to unhackable and most secured phones, the following smartphones top the list:

1. Bittium Tough Mobile 2C

If you’re looking for a secure and durable phone, you should get the Bittium Tough Mobile 2C which is on our list of the most secured phones. It has two operating systems for data separation; the first OS is the hardened version of Android 9, while the second one is the company’s own Secure OS.  

In addition to this, it provides layered protection, which ensures that your sensitive data is safe and secure at all times. It also comes with a Yubikey 5 NFC two-factor authentication, making it almost impossible to break into. That sums up the internal security. 

Bittium Tough Mobile 2C - one of the Most secured phones

But what about external robustness?

To make the phone strong from the outside, it has been manufactured using IP67 and MIL-STD-810G, making it water, dust, and shock-resistant. Also, the screen has capacitive touch, making it usable even when wet.

All the features of the Bittium Tough Mobile 2C make it one of the most secure phones of 2021 that is protected from the inside as well as the outside. 

2. K-iPhone 

If you’re an iPhone lover and don’t want to switch to Android, you can get the K-iPhone to keep your data safe.

We’ve all heard of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but what is a K-iPhone? Well, a company called KryptAll made some changes to a regular iPhone and took its security up a notch! Not only did they modify the firmware, but they also added VoIP applications to keep the calls and data fully encrypted through a code, which makes the phone impenetrable. 

 K-iPhone - one of the Most secured phones

However, there’s a catch! The phone costs even more than the latest iPhone 12! But if your primary concern is a security breach and call interception, the K-iPhone is a must-have! You can get iPhone chargers from Syncwire.

3. Solarin by Sirin Labs

The third phone on our list of the most secured phones in 2021 is Solarin by Sirin Labs. If you’re getting a hack-proof phone, you have to compromise a bit on the design, but that’s not the case with Solarin! 

It has a 5.5 inch LCD screen, with a QHD+ resolution and a 23.8-megapixel rear camera resolution, in addition to a Snapdragon 810 chip, which makes it the perfect combination of a secure, robust, and intricately designed phone.

Solarin by Sirin Labs  : one of the Most secured phones

Moving on from the design, the phone uses 256-bit AES, which is a military-grade encryption technology. You can imagine how unhackable this device must be! To add to the security, the Solarin has a physical security switch situated at the back that you can use to activate the phone. 

But, with so many security-rich features, the price is also quite high. That’s the main reason why this phone is ideal for people working in government organizations, who have tons of data to protect. 

4. Purism Librem 5

How about a phone that focuses on privacy and security and has an intimidating name? That’s Purism Librem 5 for you! It is also included in the list of the most secured phones.

This phone sports neither iOS nor Android operating systems; rather, it runs on Linux. It has layered security, and if you want to go all MIB, it has three kill switches that can disable the camera, microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and all network connectivity, including GPS. 

Purism Librem 5 :

As for other features, it has 32 GB internal storage and 3 GB RAM, with a 13 megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front camera. Also, the screen is 5.7 inches with a TFT HD display.

So, while it does provide ultimate security and protection, it doesn’t lack other features like a camera and screen, which makes it an all-rounder.

5. Finney U1 by Sirin Labs

Now, if you want a secure phone that cannot be hacked but are on a budget, our recommendation would be Finney U1 by Sirin Labs. 

Although Sirin Labs is also one of the most secured phones, known for Solarin, Finney U1 also levels up when it comes to protection, robustness, and design. 

Finney U1 by Sirin Labs

It has a 6-inch FHD+ display screen, with a 12 megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front camera. It has an impressive internal storage of 128 GB, with 6 GB RAM. It is best for people dealing in cryptocurrency as Finney U1 is a blockchain phone with a built-in crypto-wallet and a token conversion center. 

So, for a phone that offers so many resourceful features at a relatively low price, the Finney U1 is a must-have secure phone of 2021.

Investing in phones with foolproof security and fancy names is one thing; but, one should also be aware of the possible security threats our smartphones are likely to suffer from.

Top Security Threats of Smartphones

There are countless ways in which cybercriminals can find their way into our smartphones and access our information. Here’s a list of the most common security threats smartphones are prone to:

Data Leaks

Almost all the apps we install on our smartphones take permission to access our name, location, and other information. While most apps collecting this information are harmless, there are some that might use it for other purposes. That’s what data leaks mean!

To avoid such instances, change the security controls on your device and don’t grant access to sneaky-looking apps that keep asking for countless permissions!

Open WiFi

We tend to connect our devices to any open Wi-Fi available. Little do we know that unsecured Wi-Fi access points can easily let cybercriminals sneak into our phones, monitor our activities, and steal important information, like our credit card numbers. 

To avoid this, you should never connect to an open Wi-Fi, and even if you do, avoid doing activities that involve your bank or other financial assets.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is the act of tricking someone into clicking on a suspicious link via email, giving up a password via text messages, etc. By clicking on a link, cybercriminals can effortlessly have you download malware on your device and get access to confidential information. The same goes for text messages; they may take personal information from you pretending to be a bank representative or service provider.

To avoid this, don’t click on links from unreliable resources, and make sure who’s calling or texting before giving out any information.


Several apps hit people on a personal level by promising to keep an eye on the activities of your children or other family members. In reality, they are spyware that can read your texts, listen to your phone calls, record audio, take pictures, and even access your location.

To avoid this, beware of apps that ask for more than the required permissions, especially those concerning accessibility. 

Malicious Apps

Have you ever come across an app that gives you access to something that is otherwise paid? It’s a major red flag! No app would give you something for free. People who fall prey to such tricks usually have all their data stolen from their phones.

To avoid such an act of security breach, be wary of malicious apps that offer things too good to be true.

Poor Password Security

Due to the increasing amount of hacking incidents, most people are going for Password Managers that auto-generate passwords and save them for your convenience. The reason for accounts getting hacked is people keep the same password for multiple accounts. Such passwords make easy targets for hackers.

To avoid this, use auto-generated passwords or use a different password for every account. Also, use a mix of numbers and characters to make a strong password. 

Out-of-Date Devices

We all may get fed up with the system update that keeps popping up on our phones from time to time but believes me; it’s for our own good! A phone update also includes the latest security update, essential in keeping our devices safe and secure. A phone that hasn’t received an update is prone to be hacked into. 

To avoid this, if your phone is too old to be updated, replace it asap. And run a system update on your existing phone. 

So, how can you keep your device safe from these threats?

How to Safeguard Your Device

Technology is advancing, and so are cybercriminals. One should be very cautious when storing essential data on their smartphone. Here are some tips to protect your device from hackers:

  • Avoid downloading apps from third-party websites. Stick to Apple Store and Google PlayStore.
  • Don’t click on links sent via emails, no matter how professional they may sound.
  • Install anti-virus apps
  • Don’t save credit card numbers or other information on your phone. 
  • Regularly update your phone’s operating system.

Wrapping Up

We use our smartphones almost all the time, visiting websites, scrolling through social media, or socializing on apps; therefore, there’s a high chance that we click on a malicious link or download an infected app, putting everything at risk. 

The best option is to get one of the most secure phones of 2021. If that’s not possible, you can always take some security measures to keep your device safe. 

In any case, to keep the chances of a security breach minimal, we would recommend not to store important information on your phone unless you have a hack-proof device!

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