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iPhone 12 Charger – Choose the Right One!


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Ever since the launch of the iPhone 12, all the hype has been more about the missing headphones and charging adaptor, rather than the phone itself! This leaves the users wondering which iPhone 12 charger should they go for?

And as a company that deals in iPhone accessories, we feel obliged to help out our customers in this regard.

So, here’s an article dedicated to helping you find the best possible iPhone 12 charger!

But first, let’s go over the features of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 At A Glance

Providing the users with the optimal iPhone experience, the new iPhone 12 is packed with features better than before. For instance:

  • It has 5G cellular network support.
 5G cellular network support.
  • The display is made up of OLED ceramic shield.
OLED ceramic shield
  • The dual chip cameras are a plus.
dual chip cameras
  • It contains A14 Bionic chip
A14 Bionic chip

But, what’s more, interesting is that apart from the iPhone 12 itself, and a USB-C to lightning cable, you won’t find any other accessory in the box! We’re not talking about the documentation or sim ejector tool here; we’re talking about the wall charger and headphones.

So, why are they missing?

The Problem in a Nutshell

Apple claims that they have removed these accessories to reduce the environmental impact of their products. 

While this claim is highly debatable, it puts the iPhone users in quite a conundrum; they now have to get a new iPhone 12 charger.

However, they have several options to choose from.

The Best Option for an iPhone 12 Charger

Surely, if you have to get a charger for your brand new iPhone 12, you want it to be fast and flawless. Here are some options to look at when choosing one:

Option 1: Just use an Older Adapter as your iPhone 12 Charger – Not recommended!

If you already owned an iPhone before getting the latest iPhone 12, I’m sure you have the old adapter lying around. Make use of it, and attach a new iPhone 12 lightning cable to it. Alternatively, you could also use any other third-party adapter, not necessarily Apple, belonging to your previous smartphone.

The downside of this option however is that most standard adapters only have a lower 5W power rating which is not able to fully utilize the fast charging capabilities of the iPhone 12. Also, third-party adapters are quite unreliable when used with a device they are not explicitly designed for.

This brings us to our second option…

Option 2: Buy a Wireless/MagSafe iPhone 12 Charger – Quite Expensive!

The iPhone 12 features a MagSafe magnet ring at the back of the phone, which allows for a specialized MagSafe charger ring to latch onto the phone and deliver high-speed wireless charging. This magnet ring can also be used to attach other specialized accessories to the back of the phone.

However, the MagSafe charger is quite expensive and its performance is not comparable to a wired fast charger. So, if your pocket allows, you can purchase this charger, or you could opt for another more pocket-friendly option.

Option 3: Use Syncwire Wall Chargers – Pocket-Friendly and Reliable

Old iPhone adapters do not do justice to the charging capabilities of an iPhone 12, while a MagSafe charger is not only expensive but doesn’t compare to high-speed wired chargers.

So, that leaves us with a third option – Syncwire wall chargers!


Syncwire offers 3 different types of chargers compatible with the iPhone 12, each with its own unique features and functionalities according to your specific needs. The best part is that all three iPhone 12 chargers are available at affordable prices, with free shipping and returns as well as boasting a 3-year warranty period.

Having said that, let’s look at the specifications of each wall charger separately:

1. Syncwire USB-C Power Delivery & Quick Charge 3.0 International Wall Charger

The first iPhone 12 charger by Syncwire is the USB-C Power Delivery & Quick Charge 3.0 International Wall Charge.

USB-C Power Delivery & Quick Charge 3.0 International Wall Charge.
  • It can charge at a speed of up to 4 times regular adapters.
  • It uses an integrated smart IC technology to identify the connected device and deliver the optimal power and charging.
  • It boasts 3 different interchangeable plugs that allow it to be used anywhere around the world.
  • It is also able to fold away to a compact form making it portable.
  • Its design also integrates safety features approved by UL, CE, and FCC, to keep you and your devices completely safe.
  • This charger is also compatible with a other devices besides the iPhone 12 making it an extremely useful option.
  • With a price tag of a mere $24.99, it doesn’t get better than this.

2. Syncwire Power Delivery (PD) Charger

If you’re looking for a smaller and more compact charger for the iPhone 12, go for the Syncwire PD Charger.

Syncwire PD Charger.
  • The Syncwire PD Charger boasts an 18W power delivery 3.0 fast charging capability.
  • It charges your iPhone up to 2.5 times faster than the original adapter.
  • It is also extremely compact and portable while still offering an amazing level of performance.
  • Priced at just $18.99, this charger is definitely a must-buy charger for your new iPhone 12 or any other device compatible with its USB Type C port.

3. Syncwire Fast USB-C Car Charger

Syncwire not only provides you high-quality mobile chargers for in-home use, but it also offers on-the-go products. The Syncwire Fast USB-C Car Charger, for instance, is another charging adapter available for use with the iPhone 12.

  • It can be connected with any automobile and allows you to charge your phone on the go.
  • It offers a 24W PD 3.0 charging capability as well as fast charging.
  • It has built-in safety features and is certified by UL, CE, and FCC.
  • Its compact size is an added bonus, and is compatible with all Apple products.
  • Priced at a mere $15.99, this is the most powerful, high-quality, and economic product you can get for your device.

Key Takeaway

It may be a hassle to find the perfect iPhone 12 charger, but for a win-win situation go with our recommended option. Syncwire wall chargers are not only inexpensive, but are reliable, long-lasting, and provide high-speed charging.

So, get your money’s worth with high-quality Syncwire products!

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