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Why My Phone Is Not Charging? Reasons and Solutions

Why My Phone Is Not Charging

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There is nothing worse than waking up with a low battery, plugging in, and realizing it’s not charging. It may be due to a broken or poor-quality lightning cable or maybe a faulty adapter that you’re using to charge your phone. The heart-attack-inducing phenomenon is something we all have experienced at least once in a lifetime, or will in the future.

Before you head off to buy a new phone or get it repaired, try one of these inexpensive solutions first. 

Reasons for not charging of phone

Running too Many Background Apps

Having too many active background services can mess up with the functioning of your phone, and lead to the crashing of core components.

Reboot forces your phone to close

A reboot forces your phone to close every background service and restart all the core components. Tap on that power button and hit that restart. Your phone needs a good nod off every once in a while, to clear off any malfunction and background process messing up with its functioning.

Cause: Crowd background services.

Solution: Restart your phone.

Install Unsafe Applications

If you often download apps from third-party sources instead of the official Play Store or App Store, chances are that you have too many unsafe apps on your phone that can interfere with its functioning. In many cases, unsafe apps can also interfere with your phone’s ability to get charged.

Install Unsafe Applications

In this case, you can change your phone into safe mode.

Most phones will allow you to enter safe mode by holding down the power button, and accepting safe mode from the prompt that opens up. You can simply try Googling what’s the method for your device.

If your phone is charging when running on a safe mode, the culprit is some new app you have downloaded. Try uninstalling the recent ones and run your phone normally. And next time, check the app reviews before you download it. Bad apps harm your phone in more ways than stopping charging for a minute.

Cause: Malicious apps

Solution: Run your phone in safe mode.

Lighning Charging Cable is break

Your phone might break when you tap it too hard, but it’s still sturdier than the accessory cables. This means the problem might not be with the phone but with the charging cable. A charging cable often gets ruptured from the joint after prolonged use. Various cables also get damaged from the inside and do not function properly.

Lightning charging cable is break

Sometimes the lightning cable that we’re using for our phone is of poor quality or maybe fake and breaks easily. It’s also one of the common reasons due to which we’re facing problems while charging the phone.

Cause: Broken charging Cable

Solution: Test with another cable, and buy Apple-certified cables from brands like Syncwire and UNBREAKcable.

Faulty Charging adapters Or Outlets

We know the counterfeit ones come cheap, but they can malfunction due to the poor quality components. The result – they end up frying the insides of your phone.

Charging Adaptor

Cause: Low-quality charging adapters

Solution: Buy from top charging brands like Anker, Syncwire, Ravpower, and UNBREAKcable.

Dirty Charging Port

The reason most toilets are cleaner than phones is that toilets get cleaned more often. That charging port is a great place for dust and debris to settle in and make a cozy home. Also, getting water into the charging port during rain or some other reason causes the phone to charge slow. You don’t notice it until the charging hole is at least half closed down. And this could be one of the reasons that your phone is not charging.

Dirty Charging Port

Cause: Dirty Charging Port

Solution: Clean it.

Blow some air on the port and let the loose dust get cleaned out. You can try a q-tip to brush around the metal outlet gently. Getting your phone professionally cleaned can also help.

Moisture Buildup

You probably take the phone to shower and washroom a lot, or to get a sip of water from the cooler at the office, or dance in the rain. Sprinkles and humid places can really get the inside of your phone messed up. And yes, placing your phone in a rice jar will give you some dirty rice, but won’t dry out the phone.

If you have a reason to suspect your phone’s charging port or the charger adapter doesn’t work, put it on the counter near natural sunlight. Meditate, do yoga, write poetry for a couple of hours, and come back.

Cause: Moisture inside

Solution: Dry your phone under the sun.

Your Turn

So, these were a few reasons that your phone might not be charging. As you can see, in most cases, there is no rocket science stopping your phone from getting charged. Just a few simple tips and tricks, as we discussed, should get your phone running.

However, if nothing works out, it is better to take the help of a mobile professional to sort things out. So, have you ever experienced such a situation? Do share your experience with us in the comments below.

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